House Rules in Vacation Rental Homes by Owner

Admit it. If you’re a vacation rental home owner, you’re into some rules before you let your home rented by total strangers. Vacation homes involve sentimental and monetary value that you treasure. But, it is also fair to think that vacationers invest financially and emotionally in your vacation rental home. This is the reason vacation rental homes by owner vary from one another when it comes to rules.

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Rules, however, are classified into light house rules, medium house rules, and heavy house rules. Although vacation rental homes by owner rule differ based from its level of enforceability, establishing trust from the beginning is of great importance. Also, you shouldn’t go overboard to implement these house rules.

List of Vacation Rental Homes by Owner House Rules

Light House Rules

  • No candles, please! This is the easiest to implement, so don’t provide candles to your guests.
  • No long distance calls. It isn’t hard to tell your guests not to make long distance calls as these are not covered by the fees. Use a long distance call blocker to avoid this problem in vacation rental homes by owner.
  • No stains on coffee table. Don’t threaten your renters with penalties or fine. Just tell them to be careful on your coffee table, or place out some coasters.

Medium House Rules

  • Peace and order. This is somewhat not that easy to implement. If curfews are implemented in your neighbourhood, tell your guests not to violate this rule. Provide them a rental agreement with penalty stipulation if they do violate peace and order rules. But, although you’ve done the best screening of your guests, sometimes they cannot adhere to quiet times.
  • No guests. Part of vacation rental homes by owner house rules is to tell your guests not to invite other guests in your vacation home. Talk to your renter about this important policy and ask them to follow what’s been agreed upon. Although they can accommodate guests, they shouldn’t go over the total agreed number of people to sleep in your vacation home.
  • No pets allowed. You may not be sure of this if you didn’t check your guests personally before they occupy your place. Outline a rule on this in the rental agreement to avoid it.
  • No moving of furniture. Some guests may want to manipulate your furniture and move them the way they want them to be located. Make sure your vacation rental homes by owner furniture are arranged in your desired way and outline this on the rental agreement as well.
  • No leaving of towels at the resort. If you own a beach vacation home, this might pose a problem to you because some guests irresponsibly leave their beach towels in the resort. Have your guests bring their own towels if you couldn’t guarantee that they can take care of your towels.
  • No smoking in the house. Most renters respect this rule, but it is best to include it on the rental agreement, too. Put a “no smoking” sign around the house if you want to.

Heavy House Rules

  • No smoking in the vicinity. Although the “no smoking” rule is enforceable inside the house, it is not easy to do this outside. It is often hard to recognise if your visitors are smokers; thereby, include the “no smoking outside” on the agreement.
  • No eating in the TV room or living room. Insects flock a dirty house with leftovers from snacks. Avoid their infestation by outlining a rule of no eating in the living room in your vacation rental homes by owner rules.
  • No animals on the couch. Even if your vacation home is pet-friendly, tell your guests not to allow pets like dogs or cats on the sofa. But, if you’re totally against it, change your pet-friendly rule.
  • No wearing of shoes inside the house. As an owner, you may not want dirt and dusts accumulate in your place whilst your renters stay. Put “no shoes” signs all over the house for your safety.

These are the classifications of house rules you may want to implement for vacation rental homes by owner. Outline the dos and don’ts in your place to avoid hassles whilst renting out your home to another family.


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