How To Add A Fun Dimension When You Are On A Train Journey

7 Best Fun Ideas To Help You Enjoy A Train Trip

Travelling by train can be a lot of fun for some while it can be very sluggish and hence boring for some people. One can be travelling a short distance or even a longer one which could be at least a day long. For every kind of train journey, short or long, one must have an action plan to keep one occupied; otherwise even a shorter route could tire one due to boredom. So, it is a smart approach to plan out activities for oneself, especially if one is travelling all by himself.

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Here is a handful list of activities to make that train travel exciting.

  • A Good Book To Find Solace

If one is a bibliophile by nature and loves the company of a good book, and then it is the perfect solution for entertaining oneself during a train journey. One can find solace and immerse himself in a good read which will not only kill time but also keep one occupied in a useful manner. One can pick more than one book for the journey and can switch reading in accordance with one’s mood and taste.

Reading a book through one’s journey works well for most people, but if one is not a book person, then reading magazines and other fun books is also a great idea. One can pick books which match one’s taste, like a cookery book or a book on gardening, if that interests one. Coffee table books about cars, watches, guns, movies and other such topics are also pretty entertaining to keep one’s attention hooked.

  • Games And Puzzles To Utilize Time Constructively

Immersing oneself in games and puzzles like Sudoku and crossword is also a good time pass in a rail journey. One can invest in a handy portable gaming console and upload some games of one’s choice to play during the journey. Word games and puzzles are also a good choice for such purposes.

  • The Captivating Scenery Can Be Rewarding

Mapping one’s rail routes on the map of that particular area and being on the lookout for upcoming stations can be very captivating for some travelers. One can study the places that one travels through the train and can absorb oneself in the scenery that passes by. Involving oneself in the scenery and landscape aspects of the region one travels through can be very rewarding and fruitful. All the beautiful and countryside scenery that passes can be extremely captivating. This way one gets to travel and learn a lot through the travel.

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  • Internet Browsing Is An Excellent Company –

If one is travelling through a route that provides internet access, then one can browse the web for a fully absorbing experience. One can surf the net about the landmarks and places one crosses through the rail journey. A personal tablet or a phone with internet access work well to provide one with an excellent company through the entire rail journey.

  • Writing Postcards Is though an old method but can be interesting –

Sometimes writing postcards can be really fun and fruitful, especially if one is travelling by rail and has ample time in his hands. In one’s day to day life, writing postcards to loved ones is a farfetched idea, whereas the same idea appeals a lot during a rail travel. One can buy a bunch of beautiful and interesting postcards and write to friends and relatives whom one has not contacted in a long time. The postcards can be then posted from the next station the train stops at. This fruitful experience is not only engrossing, but also makes the time fly by adding speed to the otherwise long journey.

  • Human Interaction to add a little fun in simple way

This is the simplest way to add little fun to one’s rail journey. One can interact with the fellow passengers about harmless topics like the weather or the latest league match. It is human nature to find certain warmth that connecting with other people can bring. It is advisable to keep the interaction simple and not too personal, for obvious reasons. Sometimes one might get a cold shoulder response from a fellow passenger as everyone is not usually very social.

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  • Music For Ears Is An Universal Way –

For music lovers, it is a must to carry the essential equipment required to listen and enjoy music. Music has a universal aspect which is soothing and liberating in itself. Even persons who are not avid music lovers, carrying equipment that can play music are a smart move.

One can use the above mentioned ways to make one’s rail journey fun and entertaining. If one is travelling in a group, then rail journeys can be great fun as one can spend some quality time in good company. It is common knowledge that for every journey one must pack stuff intelligently to provide maximum comfort to oneself during a rail travel. A little more brainstorming can help one come with more such ideas.


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