How To Camp Luxuriously

Camping in a glamorous way, or glamping, has dominated the internet and has sparked the interest of many people thanks to social media platforms like Pinterest. Glamping is almost synonymous to luxury camping. Basically, glamping is camping without all of the hard work of setting up the tent and finding food. It bonding with Mother Nature in comfort and style.


There is just one problem though: sometimes glamping sites are too expensive to afford. Thankfully, you can have your very own glamping at the back of your own yard! Here are some tips on you can turn your next camping into glamping:

  • Use a big tent

Camping tents usually come in sizes that are enough for two or three people. However, if you want to go glamping, go for a bigger tent. Ideally, the size should hold six or more people. Even if you are glamping alone, you need the space to stand up, walk around, and incorporate your belongings inside.

  • Get an airbed

Who wants to sleep with the rocks digging on your back? Your glamping will turn back into camping if that happens. Set your traditional sleeping bag aside and go for an airbed! Airbeds are a breeze to set up and they offer the comfort of a real bed. Choose a great mattress, like a double high air mattress, to amplify your camping experience.

  • Don’t forget the blankets

Gather all of your blankets to make sure you and your bed stay warm! After a hard day of work or sightseeing, nothing can be as comforting as diving into a warm bed and fluffy blankets. Try not to bring your ratty, tattered blankets just because it is outside. It is colder and you definitely need to splurge on the thick ones to ensure you will stay warm and not wake up in the middle of the night because you are freezing.

  • And the food as well

One of the best things about glamping is the food. There is no need for your meals to be gourmet like caviar or foie gras. As long as you have the right gear with you, you can cook your food without experiencing the stress of searching for game or starting a bonfire from scratch.

  • Last but not the least, the atmosphere

Creating the atmosphere is all about the details. The little things can turn camping into glamping if you know how. Aside from the large tent, comfortable bed, and equipment that will keep you warm, there are a few finishing touches that you need to do to boost the luxury factor on your next camping trip. You can have wireless speakers for your phone to play your favorite music; lanterns for light sources; and toiletries so you can do your hygiene comfortably. Don’t forget the bug spray too or you can add some herb pots around your tent to ensure bugs won’t ruin your glamping session. In Asia, a lot of places are practicing luxury camping in the Philippines mainly, because of its beautiful tropical beaches. So why not go give this trend a try and experience this fabulous adventure yourself.


About the author:

Katrina is your average gal living inside the metro who has passion for writing, travel and photography. She admires nature at its finest and always wanted to become one of them. Dreaming to have the Cinderella life one day, humming with the birds, dancing with the clouds.

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