How to choose the right package holiday for the family

Taking a holiday together is one of the best ways to spend time with your family. Even once you come home, you’ll have some amazing memories of blissful days on the beach, visiting theme parks or just having fun together.

Family Traveling - How to choose the right package holiday for the family

But how do you make sure you choose the right holiday for you and your loved ones? Package holidays are becoming increasingly popular choices. But what is a package holiday, and how do you go about choosing the best one for your family? 

Package holiday types explained

A package holiday, as the name suggests, means you pay one price for a package, which normally includes flights, transfers and accommodation, and sometimes more. There are several different types of package holiday you can get, each of which has its benefits and drawbacks. They are:


On an all-inclusive break, flights, transfers, hotels, three meals a day, and even (alcoholic) drinks and snacks are all included in the package. This is the most cost-effective option, making it easy to budget.

Full board

Full-board package holidays include flights, accommodation and three meals a day, but snacks and drinks aren’t covered. Like the all-inclusive, it’s a great cost-effective option.

Airport - How to choose the right package holiday for the family

Half board

Flights, accommodation, breakfast and supper are included in a half-board package. This is a great option for those who want to go out exploring, as you can eat out for lunch.


Self-catering package holidays include flights, accommodation and a place to stay, but not meals. You’ll be staying in an apartment or studio with a kitchen where you can cook your own food, giving you the flexibility over when and where you eat.

Room only

This option includes flights and your room, but no meals or cooking facilities. It’s a good option if you want to try out the local cuisine, and you have no plans to cook for yourself.

All-inclusive and full-board packages tend to be the most popular with families, as they are the most cost-effective. However, since they mean you’ll end up spending a lot of time at your hotel, you’ll need to choose somewhere fantastic to stay.

Family Friendly Hotel - How to choose the right package holiday for the family

Choose a family-friendly hotel

Choosing the right hotel is one of the most important things to get right about a package holiday. Not only do you want to make sure that the accommodation is clean and comfortable, you’ll also want to stay somewhere offering lots of activities to keep the kids entertained.

Luckily, there are a lot of fantastic places to choose from. For example, the family holidays from have been carefully selected to suit all different types of tastes.

It’s worth choosing a hotel renowned for being family-friendly. Some offer amenities such as free kids’ clubs, great activities throughout day and night, and buffets with child-friendly menu options. You can also expect children’s pools and outdoor playgrounds.

Picking a family-friendly hotel also doesn’t mean you have to compromise on luxury. You’ll find ones that also offer gourmet dining, spa facilities and even adults-only sections so you can spend quality time with your partner.

Disney World - How to choose the right package holiday for the family

Picking the right destination for your family

Choosing the right destination is just as important as choosing the right hotel. But of course, that’s all down to you and your family, and the type of trip you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a relaxed beach break, there’s lots of options. The Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, such as Mallorca, are particularly popular spots. As well as having lots of stunning beaches, they also offer a lot of family-friendly attractions, including theme parks, zoos, and stunning natural scenery, especially the volcanic Canary Islands.

Mexico is another popular destination for families, if you’re thinking of heading further afield. With its powder-white beaches and turquoise waters, fantastic range of water sports, delicious cuisine and intriguing ancient ruins, it’s all set to be the trip of a lifetime.

Active families will enjoy trips to the Austrian alps. As well as winter skiing trips, you can also visit in the summer for mountain hikes with spectacular views. Meanwhile, the increasingly popular Montenegro has lots of activities on offer, including kayaking, biking, horse riding and much more.

Families with younger children will love trips to theme parks such as Disney World in Florida, or Port Aventura World in Spain. It’s possible to get all-inclusive deals to popular theme parks, with tickets included in your package-holiday costs.

There are so many options for package holidays with your family. Wherever you choose to go, you’re bound to have fun.

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