How to Cut Travel Costs

When you have worked hard and been looking forward all year to some time away, the last thing you want is to be worrying about money but the truth is that travelling can be incredibly expensive. So much so in fact that your entire vacation budget could be blown before you even arrive and settle in to your destination. Here are some ways that you can effectively reduce the cost of travel during your trip, leaving you all the more money to enjoy your well-earned break.

Book in advance

Most people have likely heard the advice that you should book your flights as far in advance as you possibly can in order to get the best price and while this is true, there are other considerations you should also take into account when it comes to pre-booking. Take for example your parking spot at the airport: If you wait until the day you depart you will be charged far more, by which point it is too late to find an alternative. It can therefore also be worth looking into off-sight parking locations that may offer better prices.

Organise local travel

It’s easy to think that once your flights are booked, your travel is more or less sorted but if you plan to move around a lot during your vacation, you may find yourself paying huge amounts on taxis and trains when in fact it would have been cheaper to hire a car. There are ways to get a good deal, such as looking for car rental promotion codes online and booking ahead of time.

Avoid airport spending

Airport prices are notoriously high and so you should always do your best to avoid spending money needlessly while you wait for your flight. Bring your own food to snack on in case you are hungry and save your souvenir shopping for once you have arrived; your bank balance will thank you for it later.

Pack light

Each airline will have its own allowances when it comes to baggage, so you should always check what the weight restrictions are, as well as how many pieces of hand luggage you are allowed to take on board with you and what charges will be incurred for exceeding these limits, as baggage costs have been on the rise globally. Generally speaking, the lighter you can pack; the better, as not only will you avoid extra costs but you will retain carry space for the various souvenirs and gifts we all inevitably purchase while on vacation.

Exchange currency

Exchange rates and charges for foreign currencies are always much more reasonable when done in advance than if you were to wait and do it at the last minute at the airport. It is also best to exchange cash if possible, as using a credit card will often entail an additional, unwanted charge.

Travel off-season

Flights are much more expensive in general during standard school vacation times. This means if you are travelling without children or with those of a pre-school age, then it is best to book your time away during term time. Not only will you get a better price but flights and accommodation will be in less demand, giving you far more options when it comes to booking.

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