How to Enjoy Hong Kong on a Budget

Hong Kong is a country which has something for everyone. You can easily empty your bank account in a few days, whilst you can also live and enjoy the country as if you had only a few dollars to your name. Currently, there are no budget long-haul flights to the country – so you could struggle here – but once you’re there it’s one of the best countries to enjoy on a budget.

Tai Chi

Free Classic Hong Kong Experiences

For the particularly thrifty, you can enjoy a number of common cultural pursuits completely free of charge. Tai Chi is the main example of this. They’re open to visitors and residents alike. It’s a free workout which involves controlling your movements and monitoring the way you breathe.

Another class you can enjoy is a Chinese Medicine Class. Here, you will learn the secrets of Chinese medicine; many of which date back over 5,000 years. Combine this with a tea appreciation class and you can start your journey into the world of tea, along with giving yourself the full cultural experience. The locals call this Lock Cha, which in English means ‘a pleasure of tea’.

Seeing some of the stunning scenery Hong Kong is also something you can do for free. Take a ride on the longest outdoor covered escalator in the world. The Central Mid-Level escalator takes you 135m from Lan Kwai Fong to SoHo. And this also saves on public transport.

Walk along the Avenue of the Stars on the Kowloon waterfront. It’s a prime location for viewing the Symphony of Lights, as well as the perfect spot for sampling some of Hong Kong’s amazing skyline.

Low Budget

For less than a dollar, you can travel on the renowned Star Ferry. It’s a must-do for anyone on vacation to Hong Kong. It’s a unique way to explore Victoria Harbor, and if you travel after 8pm you can also get a free ticket to view the Symphony of Lights. This festival of light and sound takes place over 40 buildings facing the waterfront.

Culture and history is what Hong Kong prides itself on. Immerse yourself in it with a ride on the Tramway. Also known locally as the Ding Ding, this double-decker tram is one of only three you’ll find in the world. It costs less than 50 cents and takes you through some of Hong Kong’s idyllic locations. Stop off in what many call the ‘East meets West’ part of the city, otherwise known as Central, to view the influences of the western world.

Higher Budget

If you can spare a five-dollar bill you can find yourself taking the Peak Tram to the top of Victoria Peak. This takes you into the luscious countryside and offers a 373m view over the city. It’s a view everyone should experience before leaving.

Many tour guides suggest exploring museums, which cost just over $3.00 to enter. But you can make your own guide by collecting a free walking tour booklet from the local tourist office. Go for an urban tour around the city and get a full insight into the attractions which make Hong Kong one of the most unique cities in the world.

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