How To Fix Your Sleep Cycle Naturally

Most of us at some point will fall into a pattern of falling asleep at an inappropriate time and not waking up naturally when we need to awaken. A lot of people, when they find themselves in this situation, will see a sleep specialist and perhaps be prescribed chemical sleep aids.

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However, you can actually fix your sleep schedule naturally, without having to resort to prescription sleep aids that can bring about a whole host of side effects. Here are some ways to fix your sleep cycle naturally.

Go Camping For A Few Days

This really works! When you’re outside with nature, your body syncs its sleeping schedule with the rise and fall of the sun. This is the most natural way to reset your sleep schedule without chemical aids. If sleeping in a tent is simply too much for you, look into cabin rentals, such as Beavers Bend cabin rentals. “Camping” in a cabin will still do wonders for your sleep schedule.

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Ditch Your Laptop and Phone

One of the most common reasons why people find themselves in bad sleep patterns is the overexposure of artificial light from laptops, tablets and phones. The real determining factor behind why we get sleepy and why we awaken truly does come down to light. When you put so much artificial light in your face, you’re destroying your body’s internal clock. You don’t have to ditch your electronics completely, but consider minimizing usage after six PM.

Try Herbal Supplements

Prescription pills aren’t a very natural solution for poor sleep and they can often cause a lot of nasty side effects. However, that doesn’t mean that all sleep aids are bad. Try an all-natural sleep aid like melatonin, which is available over the counter. Many herbal teas will also help you to relax, unwind and become drowsy naturally.

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Get Up At The Same Time Everyday

If you can train your body to awaken at the same time every day, you’ll start to fall asleep easily and naturally in the evening. Getting into a routine where you awaken everyday at the same time, whether you have to be at work or not, is a great habit to get into.

If you follow these tips, you can reset a bad sleep schedule without having to resort to medical or pharmaceutical intervention. It might take a few nights to correct your bad habits, but eventually you’ll get the sleep you need.

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