How to Handle Long Flights

If you’re going to travel internationally or across your country, you will likely experience a long flight. For some people, a long flight will mean anything over a couple of hours. This can make flights, such as the 12 hour flight from Los Angeles to Shanghai, seem like an impossible task. However, you can learn how to handle long flights. It requires a bit of preparing and understanding what you’re getting yourself into.

Long Flight

Prepare Yourself Ahead of Time

You’re about to be spending 5-15 hours sitting in the same spot. The length of this flight may be daunting, however, you will survive. The most important way to handle these longer flights is to prepare yourself ahead of time:

  • Start Changing Your Sleep Schedule – If you’re making a significant time zone change, start adjusting your sleep schedule to your destination’s cycle a few weeks before your flight. This is helpful for two reasons. Firstly, you will experience less jet lag upon arrival since you will already be on their sleep cycle. Secondly, many airlines will close the windows and attempt to mimic the destination’s sleep cycle. Being adjusted to this cycle will make it much easier to sleep and let the time fly by.
  • Practice Meditation, Breathing and Small Stretches – Consider taking yoga classes for a few weeks prior to departure. You will be sitting in a fairly confined space for a reasonable amount of time. Learning how to meditate and connect with your breath will help you pass the time in a peaceful way. Additionally, you can specifically ask your yoga teacher for small stretches that you’ll be able to do from your seat. Seated twists and leg lifts are great ways to keep the blood flowing and stave off body pain during the long flight.
  • Bring Stuff to Entertain Yourself – You know what will entertain yourself: books, laptops and tablets. Some flights will even have Wi-Fi available, so you can browse the internet. Otherwise, you’ll need to be prepared to keep yourself entertained for several hours. Looking out of the window, sleeping and meditating will help consume a fair amount of time – however there will certainly be times where you’ll be awake and alert. Be prepared with a stocked supply of entertainment options.

You Will Have a Great Flight

Don’t let the amount of time spent in the air deter you from making a long trip. There is a lot to be gained from traveling, and you do not have to fear it. Simply prepare yourself ahead of time and travel with and you’ll be fine.

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