How to look your best while traveling

Despite the climate changes, jet lag, airplane conditions, rush, and stress, you can look gorgeous during your vacation. Do you want to know how? We reveal this little secret special for you.

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#1. Lip balm

Lips are the part of your body, which draws attention. Dry lips are not the best variant (they can even spoil a lot of photos from your vacation), so we strongly recommend using lip balm and avoiding long-lasting lipsticks, because they dehydrate your lips.

#2. Say “no” to make-up foundation 

Foundation has a negative effect on your skin, it makes it dehydrated and oily, especially, under the harsh climate conditions. We know you want to look perfect, but you should make a sacrifice with something.

#3. Leave your nails neutral 

Deep colors attract more attention, especially, if your nails past their best. The best solution, in this case, is to leave your nails just polished, or simply apply a sheer color, which won’t draw attention to your nails.

#4. Zhuzh your eyes up

Your eyes become puffy and tired while traveling. Bad trip, different time zones, too interesting book – there are a lot of reasons. So, it will be better to take your eye drops with to refresh your tired look.

#5. Moisturizer 

It doesn’t matter what climate zone you are traveling to; moisturizer is an essential product. Keep in mind, you shouldn’t focus only on your face, your hands, feet, and body as a whole. You should pay special attention to your hair. “Moisturizer with an SPF will be the best option for the trip”, – stylist at best Hair Salons in New York say.

Enjoy your trip and be stunning during it!

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