How to plan a stay in Chennai?

Chennai, also known as Madras, is the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is the industrial centre of the state and has also been given the sobriquet of “Detroit of India” due to the sprawling automobile industry in this state. This city indeed is also a hub of IT startups, but has also been named amongst the top 10 must visit cities in the world in 2015.

Chennai City hall - India

A typical trip to a place needs planning in three major aspects, that are, travel, stay, and sightseeing. But, a trip to Chennai needs no planning in terms of sightseeing, since there is so much to experience and see that one literally needs a minimum of 10 days to tour the city fully. Missing out on any one of the attractions wouldn’t do justice to the trip. Chennai has a lot of beaches, temples, churches, and monuments. It is also suggested to check out the hotels in Chennai with tariff of each in advance so as to avoid any last minute disorder.

Use the extensive online travel guides that come handy to browse through the hotels in Chennai with tariff for every budget size. Starting from the luxurious 5 stars to the normal ones, and also, do not forget to check out the hostel options, if at all that suits your need. Solo travellers can definitely consider this option since it is cheap, yet suffices all the needs.

Chennai Central Station

The attractions in Chennai start with the traditional South Indian variety of food that one can savour in the finest restaurant to a tempting street food vendor in the streets of Chennai. The typical aromas of south Indian spices can make anyone drool for the Madrasi cuisine. Some of the most famous foods in Chennai are – Filter Coffee, Chicken 65, Vadai, Masala Dosa, Sambar Rasam Rice, Madras Meals (heavenly!), Bajji, Pongal, and yes, Chicken Biryani. Do not at all miss out on any of these.

It is recommended that while planning the trip, consider the budget hotels in Chennai. Many online travel expert guides help in doing so. The reason for this is that there is so much to visit and explore in this place that spending on a luxurious 5 star accommodation would go waste. Of course, priorities differ, and that’s completely the tourist’s choice.


Some must visit places in Chennai that should be the itinerary toppers are – Marina Beach, Kapaleeswarar Temple, Breezy Beach, Pulicat Lake, Semmozhi Poonga, Covelong, and San Thome Basilica. These places not only tell you more about the ecology, history, and the culture of Chennai, but also helps one connect more to the city. The people of Chennai are known for their genuine hospitality and warmth, and having such hosts can ease out a tourist’s general woes. So, while sipping on the appetizing filter coffee, and savouring the heavenly chicken 65, make the most of your trip to Chennai that stays with you for a lifetime.

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