How to Plan a Trip Out of Canada

Canada is beautiful but sometimes a trip out of the country to experience something new is in order. There are several things to keep in mind as you plan to fly out of Canada. In order to make your vacation go as smoothly as possible, have your ducks in a row first. A passport is required to travel outside of the country, each country has special regulations regarding passports so it is important to view those prior to making any other travel plans.

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Get Passports in Order

Every member of the home must have a passport in order to travel outside of Canada. To obtain a passport you will need a valid birth certificate, proof of residency and photos to be taken by a legitimate passport photography company. An application must be completed and accepted along with the fees for the passport being paid in full. This process should begin no less than six months before a scheduled trip.

Select a Destination

Many Canadians like to travel to the United States and London for a getaway. Select a destination that has entertainment for the whole family. When traveling in the winter months it is ideal to choose a destination that has a warm climate. This can include places like the southern United States, Australia and parts of Europe. If this would be a family vacation, try to get the input of all family members and decide on the destination together. Also plan activities as a family so that everyone has something to look forward to.

Book Travel Arrangements in Advance

It is ideal to book flights at least three months in advance. Not only does this guarantee your seats but it also helps you to get a better price. Flight prices change daily. Try to use a service to book the flight that will offer a monetary refund for the difference if another traveler books the same flight for a lesser price. This ensures that the price that you are paying is the least possible.

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Schedule Lodging Accommodations in Advance

Immediately after booking flights, also book a rental vehicle and hotel/resort accommodations. Right along with getting the best price on a flight, booking hotel and resort accommodations well in advance also helps you to get the lowest price possible. Consider what the peak tourist times of the year are for that destination and select accommodations that are competitive and do not charge more for peak bookings. It is ideal to select a hotel or resort that is close to a big portion of the attractions, activities and entertainment that you and the family plan to explore while vacationing.

When you follow these simple guidelines to planning a trip out of Canada the process will go much smoother. It is better to plan far in advance than try to schedule a vacation at the last minute. Well planned trips are often more enjoyable by all parties as it is less stressful. Consider planning an itinerary for the trip as well but allow plenty of free time for impromptu activities.

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