How To Plan Your Next Photography Trip In Malta

If you are an ardent travel photographer, you should consider Malta as your next stop for your photography activities. Being an archipelago in the heart of the Mediterranean, many travelers consider the Maltese islands as having some of the most beautiful spots in the world, so choosing it as your next photography destination, is something you will definitely cherish for the rest of your life. The island is small but it’s got so much to offer so do make sure you plan your photography trip in advance to enable you to get more out of it.


Planning your trip to the Maltese islands should not be a difficult task, most major airlines and also some low-cost ones will get you there. Conduct some basic search on the net to get more details about the exact locations you plan to visit. Also, try to familiarize yourself with the different villages and pull together a list of things and places that need to be photographed.

You should also plan for the type of equipment that you intend to use. Malta has some interesting flora and fauna in the countryside, some nice beaches and bays and also a ton of historical sites that range from temples and castles to medieval and baroque churches, so this entirely depends on your preferences and what you intend to shoot. A tripod, filters, a good wide-angle lens and maybe a macro lens should definitely be in your camera bag.

Azure Window, Malta

Once you are in Malta, the options of moving around are many. You will need to choose whether to rent a motorcycle or a car. These two options provide you with freedom to explore your photography destinations, at your own pace. Bicycles are also an option although this might prove to be a bit of a crazy idea, especially if you’re visiting in the summer heat. You can also opt for taxis, minivans, coaches, ferries, or one of these horse-drawn carriages!

Staying at a central location whilst in Malta is key to photography destinations trip. It’s a tiny island but traffic can be a bit of a nightmare during rush hours and will make it harder to get to your locations before the “golden hour”.

Here are some suggestions to help make your trip a success:

St John's co-Cathedral


A Unesco world heritage site Valletta provides a lot of surprises and photographical gems, even if you’re simply out on a stroll. Try get a few shots of the three cities from here and also some of St. Johns co-Cathedral.

The Blue Lagoon

Get a ferryboat or charter boat to the small island of Comino, off the coast of Malta, and snap some pictures of the crystal blue waters at the blue lagoon. This location is particularly enchanting in springtime before it becomes inundated with swarms of beachgoers and boaters in the warm summer months.

Night Photography

Given that the sky is clear, some great nighttime photography can be had if you plan this out properly and check the weather forecast beforehand. Try venturing towards Dingli Cliffs or the “Salib tal-Gholja” areas for an all round clear view of the island.

Gozo, Malta


The small island of Gozo is a charm in itself. Plan to get here early and make sure to spend at least a day. The Dwejra Azure window close to Xlendi is quite a famous spot and a beautiful shoot at sunset.

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