How to Remain Productive in a Working Vacation

Imagine taking a vacation from your business for a few weeks, and on coming back, you find your business on the verge of sinking. How would you feel?

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Well, taking a vacation is by no means wrong. However, there are still some tasks which are too valuable for you to let go, just because you’re on vacation.

It is not logical, dismissing a tender or client for the sole reason that you are on holiday. If you want the business to grow, you have to find an alternate way of running the company even while on vacation.

In this article, I have combined some the best ways of enjoying your vacation while keeping tabs on the state of your business.

1. Plan ahead.
Before leaving for the vacation, you need to ensure that your business is in order. Determine how it’s going to be run while you are away. Inform your employees (if any) of the changes that’ll take place.

You should also determine the documents and resources that you will require while on holiday. Download what you will need, take the necessary folders, and ensure that your remote connection to the office is secure.

Ensure that you have back-up resources such as extra batteries or power banks for your laptop and Wi-Fi routers in case you get a shoddy hotel room.
Lastly, ensure that you have set personal goals for what you want to achieve each day and alert your family that at certain times, you may need some privacy to complete your job.

2. Choose Quality hotel.
Since you are on vacation, ensure that you choose a hotel with a unique blend of luxury and business. This is to facilitate the fun you need and the space for completing your job.

Avoid hiring small offices and other areas that provide the same scenery as that of your office. Instead, work from open spaces such as restaurants or the hotel’s shared workspace.

The hotel should have quality Wi-Fi connections and a calm environment to enhance creativity and productivity.

Most of all, do not fear to spend money for quality services. After all, getting money to consume is the sole reason why you are working.

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3. Set your Limits.
A vacation is a time for you to spend less time on your work and more time having fun. Therefore, despite being on holiday, most of your time should be spent on enjoying yourself.

Ensure that you are not spending too much time working that you forget to have fun. Also, ensure that you don’t spend all your time having fun that you forget to work.

An easy solution to preventing this circumstance is by setting a strict schedule for yourself. Preferably work early in the morning and late evening so that you have ample time during the day to have fun with your family and friends.

You should also ensure that you limit your food and drink intake during the evenings. Otherwise, you may wake up with a killer hangover thus fail to be productive in your work.

Sleeping is also good but should be regulated so that you get ample time to work and play.

4. Take a break and Have fun.
A single day of complete fun and games cannot be that bad for your business. If any, it’s going to open your mind, improve your creativity, and help you see things in a new perspective.

During the vacation, you should, therefore, choose one day for just having fun. Wake up and go to the gym, or try the yoga classes offered.

Go for a swim with your family, play some tennis or board games and even go hiking or any activity you enjoy.

This day out will significantly improve your productivity and give you some work satisfaction.

Taking a vacation doesn’t mean that your work productivity has to go down. It should stimulate new ideas and solutions that will help grow your business.

Therefore, places such as hotel jakarta, have just the right quality facilities for both your fun and business activities.

Furthermore, with the points highlighted above, you will be able to enjoy your working vacation, spend more time with family, and maintain a productive business.

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