How to Stay Safe on Your Next Family Road Trip

Family road trips are something to look forward to after parents have had a stressful work week, or the children’s big school project is coming to a finish. But as fun as road trips can be, safety should be the foremost concern for any family. Read on further as we discuss safety tips while on the road, and how to make the next road trip a little less bumpy.

Road Trip - How to Stay Safe on Your Next Family Road Trip

Go For a Car Tune-up
When was the last time you brought your car to a mechanic for a tune-up? If you don’t remember, it’s probably long enough. Have your car checked for potential problems in the tires, air conditioning system, battery, belts, and fluids by a professional. If you are driving in hot temperatures, have your motor oil changed with something that has higher viscosity.

Prepare Yourself Physically And Mentally
Get enough sleep the night before the road trip. Six to eight hours is usually sufficient. Drivers who lack proper rest increase their risk of getting into an accident. Drive only when you are certain you can function properly behind the wheel. If not, let your partner drive for the first few miles, while you try and get some shuteye. Have a heavy breakfast as well. You don’t want your tummy bothering you while you’re driving. Basically, anything that might take your focus off the wheel should be considered.

Pack Essentials
Bottles of water and food that don’t spoil easily should accompany you during travels, especially long ones. Aside from basic needs, bring tools including warm blankets, flashlight and battery, jumper cables, flares, and a first-aid kit. Sure it might sound too much, but at least you’re prepared for any contingency on the road. These supplies may even make the difference between life and death for your family. Sunscreen is also an essential if you plan on travelling to hot climates.

Have The Right Contacts
Make sure you have your speed dials ready for emergency situations. Numbers to save on your phone include the local police departments of the area you are nearest to, hospitals, law firms or your insurance company, and a trusted relative or friend. A Naegle Law Firm lawyer in your speed dial may come in handy during accidents, since the sooner you get legal help, the stronger your case can be presented when making a claim.

The bottom line is to plan and prepare for your road trip. Spontaneous road trips might sound exciting, but lacking the knowledge and tools to react to unforeseen situations can put your family at greater risk. Have fun and stay safe on your next trip!

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