How to Travel Australia

Many of the main attractions in Australia are hundreds if not thousands of kilometres apart so what is the best way to see Australia? This short guide will tell you about the opportunities, methods and ways to live and travel in Australia.

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Travelling to hotels all around the country can be expensive but when you are in the cities they are the best option. Gold Coast apartments are plentiful in Queensland offering you beach side accommodation of excellent quality and within reach of the Great Barrier Reef. Similarly, serviced apartments in Sydney will enable you to experience the full potential of the area. A hotel experience in the densely populated cities will put you at the heart of the action and ensure you can make the most of your stay.

Campervan travel

Once you have left the densely populated coastal towns in Australia the population is spread far apart and you will need to travel long distances to get to your destination. A campervan gives you the freedom to travel at the speed you wish, and to go wherever you wish to go. One added bonus is that there is almost always a place to camp for free once you have left the densely populated urban areas. Travelling Australia by campervan is an excellent way to appreciate the country as it actually is.

Flying or Driving

Whether to fly between locations in Australia or whether to drive between them really depends on two things – time and budget. Flying is obviously more expensive than driving but it is also a lot quicker. Driving on the other hand will save you money but will cost you valuable days and weeks in Australia. If you are in Australia for just a few days then really there is no choice and you have to fly between destinations if you wish to see more than one location. But for those travelling Australia for a few months it will save money to drive and offer a more comprehensive experience of Australia.

Train travel in Australia

Train travel in Australia is about more than getting from A to B. It offers the opportunity to see vast expanses of Australia from the comfort of catered and air-conditioned transport. The Ghan train track stretches over 2979km of desert in the heart of Australia and gives travellers the opportunity to see areas of Australia that will not be experienced from above in an aeroplane.

Traveling in cities

Once in large cities the best way to travel is generally by train. The trains link the entire city and enable fast and reliable travel avoiding the busy roads and traffic jams at peak hours of the day. Train travel within the cities of Australia is also very affordable, fast and effective.


Once in Australia one of the best ways to experience areas of the outback and the cities are guided tours. These tours take place in numerous forms, from tours through the desert in which you follow a guide in your own vehicle, to guided tours of mountain peaks, there is never a shortage of sights to discover on a guided tour.

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