How to travel to this sun and sand holiday destination of Surf Camp Fuerteventura

To head to the Canary Islands, you will quite definitely need to fly in. but from the airport to the various destination points you will have to use the different modes of transportation that is available on the islands to make your stay here easy and comfortable. You could head to the Surf Camp Fuerteventura using the shuttle service or a rented car. You could also take a taxi or the bus. They are all convenient ways to travel around the island.

Enjoy island travel

Surf Camp Canary Islands are very tourist friendly and you will be assured of having a good holiday. If you are using the shuttle service do remember to book for it prior to landing to Surf Fuerteventura. This service will take you directly to the camp where you can settle down before heading out to sea.

Bus service

There is the bus service here as well which will take you to Corralejo from the airport every half an hour. However you will have to change buses in Puerto del Rosario which is the capital. You have to take the bus that goes to Corralejo. Here too the bus will not go all the way to the accommodation. You will have to walk around 400 mts to your place of stay. So this may not be a great idea if you have cumbersome luggage to carry. You could take a taxi too and they are the fastest way to commute but they are more expensive than the other options.

One of the best things to do when you are here is probably to rent a car. They are not very expensive and it is indeed quite useful to have a car at your disposal while traveling around the island. This gives you the freedom to be on your own and explore the various nooks and crannies that the island can surprise you with.

Experienced coaches

The Surf Camp here is very close to the sea and you can enjoy brilliant sunrise while sitting in your room. You could also enjoy travelling around the island and exploring the different fare it has to offer. Planet Surf here is one of the few official camps to enjoy learning how to surf. You will be taught by well experienced coaches who are certified to do so.

Surf Camp

You could also enjoy other sporting activities while holidaying here. Or just soak in the sun where the climate is ideal and the waves are perfect for a holiday out in the water. Once you reach the camp, you can enjoy the luxury of being near the sea as well as being within easy reach of shops, restaurants, pubs and plenty of nightlife options.

At Surf School Canary Islands, holidayers can enjoy the benefit of being offered the best coaches as well as cozy and comfortable places to stay in and enjoy the holiday. So pack your bags and head out, NOW!

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The author Gloria Ross is a travel enthusiast and enjoys writing about the different travel destinations around the world. Surf Camp Fuerteventura is one of the best places she opines for a surfing holiday option.

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