I’m Starving! How to Eat Well Whilst Travelling on a Budget

Going on vacation can be an awesome experience. After all, you can take some time out from all the normal daily stresses, and have a great time exploring some unseen sights. Though if you’re on a budget, the cost of food can sometimes make your travels a little bit of a challenging experience. When it comes to feasting abroad however, there are ways in which you can cut the bill, whilst still eating well.

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Cook Your Own Food

Once you arrive at your chosen destination, you might want to consider stocking up at the local supermarket. This will let you cook some of your own food, and therefore save money in the process. Eating out can often be expensive, though if you get the chance, and have the facilities to do so, you could save by covering the catering yourself. In fact, many supermarkets in popular tourist locations, often stock food that you’re used to seeing at home. Why not come up with a meal plan that you can follow for the rest of the week, and then use that instead of eating out everyday. Even if you’re not looking to cook your own food everyday, you can still make a picnic meal if you’re thinking of doing some outdoor excursions whilst on your holiday.

Look Out for Deals

Many restaurants know that tourists can be on a budget, even if they did get those amazingly cheap flights to Norway. Restaurants therefore run special offers, aimed at getting people to come and eat at their tables. Find the restaurants running offers, and check them out to see if they’re any good. You might also want to consider only eating out at lunch time, since most of the deals offered by restaurants, can be seen during the quieter lunch periods.

Book a Place With Food

If you’re staying in a hotel, you might be able to get some complimentary meals to go along with your time there. Many hotels for example often serve a breakfast buffet, and so you can take advantage of this, and use it to cut down your food bill. If this sounds like a good idea, double check before booking your hotel, to see if they offer any sort of service includes breakfast.

Frivolous Feasting

If you want to eat well whilst on holiday, you probably think it is going to cost you a lot of money. If you did things the traditional way, you’d be right in thinking so. Savings can be made however, and there is no better way to save on holiday, than when it comes to your food bill. By taking the time to find the cheapest restaurants, and looking at how you could make some of your own meals, you’ll be able to dine on budget, and still have money left over for dessert.

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