Keeping in mind the heavy flow of touring to hilly region

Started from far West, Himalaya is stretched across to India, Bhutan Nepal and finishing at the China region. And in India it showcases a magnificent landscape with the great dominance of Mount Everest attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world.


Keeping the huge preference in mind Naturewings is deploying a set of packages for the avid travellers to strolling around Darjeeling and Sikkim area. All their packages are set to provide backpackers to roam around in the lap of Himalaya.

According to manager of this company, “We have set all our packages in a way that covers most of the spots in between Darjeeling and Sikkim. Through our comprehensive range of packages we aim to provide a compatible Himalayan itinerary and not only that we welcome all the mountain lovers across the world to come to this place and get charmed with the exotic views.”

One of the travel consultants of this organisation also added that, “We are not same as other company in this same line business. We can differentiate our service object from other because we let tourists to explore to the remotest or virgin area across Darjeeling and Sikkim. Generally, new visitors prefer to roam around popularly known places. But we take them to not so famous but truly beautiful remote villages which are capped with splendours Himalayan view. Lataguri, Zuluk, Longri, Kaluk are few among those spots. ”


However, in this winter holiday season, they are hoping to get huge responses on three packages, ‘Unforgettable Silk Route’, ‘Weekend Escape’ and ‘Dream Honeymoon’. In ‘Unforgettable silk Route Package’ they are covering five places such as Sillary Gaon, Reshikhola, Zuluk, Gnathang and Lungthung. This is 6 days package is comprised of transferring, accommodation, breakfast, lunch, snacks and permits of traveling and taxes.

There is no need to explain the reason of arranging ‘Dream Honeymoon’ package. They have set this package to catch the response of the newly married couples of this season. This deal includes all the facilities from greeting at NGP/ Bagdogra Airport to take them to Darjeeling and letting them to experience all the beautiful side scenes. And to add more love to this package they are allowing 10% discount on the complete package.

Taking in consideration of the holiday mood in this winter season, NatureWings is offering an attractive package for busy corporate people. ‘Weekend Escape’ is the name of this amazing trip which is planned for two weeks to stay in two places, Kolakham and Reshikhola.


The advantage of planning Himalayan trip with NatureWings is that you can customize your itinerary according to your convenience while getting 24×7 support from the guide.

So, if you are planning to stay few days in the lap of Himalaya, NatureWings can guide you with their best touring packages.

Bio: Nature Wings is a passionate travel agency offering eclectic ranges of package deals covering Darjeeling and Sikkim region. This company is focusing to bring light upon not so famous but beautiful remote places through arranging amazing holiday package deals attracting enormous tourists to such places like Lataguri, Zuluk, Kaluk and many more.

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