Let’s go out! Beautiful places outside Metro Cebu

If you live in a luxury condominium in Cebu, you might probably want to go somewhere new instead of the usual beautiful sites in the city, correct? Take time to go out by checking these alluring places outside Metro Cebu to unwind and feel serene as you visit these beautiful locations. Warning: it’s going to be costly!

Oslob waterfall - Let's go out! Beautiful places outside Metro Cebu


Going somewhere with a peaceful and gorgeous view of waterfalls will surely bring peace to your soul. Seeing a sight like this for a while brings a lot of beautiful feelings to anyone. So check out these locations you might want to go to. Take note that you will have to do a short trek before seeing these amazing falls. Just visit Samboan, Ginatilan, Oslob, and Badian for a waterfall adventure trip.

Beaches or Islands

Seeing the blue clear waters and the white beautiful sands on the beach or island is another place you can visit to relax. Enjoy your stay here by reading a book on the bench under the sun, playing with the sands, swimming on the beach, or just simply admiring the scenic view. These are some of the popular and worthy destinations you can go to as well.

Here are the locations and the beaches you can find outside the city: Oslob, Sumilon Island; Camotes, Santiago White Beach; Aloguinsan, Hidden Beach; Bantayan, Sta. Fe Beach; Moalboal, Basdaku Beach; and Alcoy, Tingko Beach


If you are up to fill up your adrenaline rush, go up to the mountains. Anyone of all sizes and ages can climb a mountain – with the dedication and perseverance of wanting to climb that challenging but definitely worth it mountain, you can. In Balamban, you can traverse Mt. Manunggal and Mt. Mauyog if you’re up for a challenge. Next is if you go to Badian, you can visit the Osmeña Peak with a view that’s comparable to the chocolate hills in Bohol. With a difficulty of 6 out of 9 in Algeria, you can hike Mt. Lanaya but execute right caution as you go along.


Some of the available adventure activities you can do in Cebu are a lot. Just choose which kind of thrilling adventure you want to experience and then go for it. (Majority of these places are located in the city though). Visit Rope Course Adventure for adventures you can do using the ropes, the Adventure Cafe and Zipline to ride a zipline across the area, or go to Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure to ride a bike up into the mountains.


Last but not least is to go on a tour. Listed below are famous spots you can visit if you just want to wander around the province. Remember to bring all of the necessities like towel, caps, extra clothes, and enough money for transportation and food.

These places outside Metro Cebu are going to make your stay in the province worthwhile. Don’t forget to bring your smartphone of camera to take pictures of the beautiful views you go to. You won’t get to go here all the time, right? So just make the most out of your stay, and then go back to your Luxury condominiums in Cebu. after your delightful tour.

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