List Of Things To Do When Buying A Caravan

So  summer is approaching in your city and you are looking to buy your own new caravan, but do not have much knowledge of what is good and what is bad for you. Since purchasing a caravan is considerably a huge investment, not many people can afford get one for their personal use. If you have a tight budget and still wants to buy it, consider going for a second hand purchase. You do not need to be apprehensive about the condition and maintenance of a second hand van.. There are certain things you can do to ensure that you get the best van at significantly low price. Also, if you are enough fortunate you might bag some of the best deals as well.


In this article, we will provide you a comprehensive list of things you can do while buying a second hand caravan so you don’t have to face any obstructions in your leisure time.

Comprehensive List To Do When Buying a Caravan

  • Size should be your first consideration when picking a van for your personal use. Make sure that it is the right right size for you, and can fit other members of your family as well without being cramped over each other.
  • The first thing to do is to check for rust under the van, around chassis area. If you see any signs of fresh paint, then probably the rust have been covered by the dealer before bringing it to you. Since, rust is a major problem and can be a bit expensive to fix do not buy the one with rust traces, if you already have a tight schedule.
  • Make sure you thoroughly check out everything from a storage top to beddings, including refrigerator, windows and doors to ensure that there is no major problem that could make you regret later on your decision. Everything should be well-maintained and properly functioning. Also, if you do not find any major problem, a minor fault can also be a good reason to bargain down the price.
  • Look for leakages in water pipes and roof damage. If problems like damp air, water damage in windows and doors, leakage pipes persist make sure you do not continue with the deal. A leaking caravan can create a lot of problem for you and can thus, be a miserable place to live.
  • Make sure the tow hitch is easily movable and the hand brake is capable of holding the van when in use. This is important to hold back the vehicle while going down hill to prevent slithering and slipping, especially in steep terrains.
  • Do not settle down for the very first option you get while buying a second hand caravan. Make sure you visit a number of second hand dealers and look for the best available option before making a decision. Exploring more options might get you some more better deals.

Use your bargaining skills on second hand caravan sales. Always start with the price below of what you actually can pay and then start going up.  If you do not have any experience of it, take an experienced person or probably a smart woman having good bargaining skills.

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