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Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands in Spain and boasts the highest elevation above sea level as well as the tallest mountain in Spain, Mount Teide, which rises over 3000 metres tall. The unspoiled natural surroundings include the national park of the Las Cañadas crater and numerous lava rock formations; further to the south, tree-covered valleys and untamed forests offer adventure and challenge to hikers and amateur naturalists. Luxury family holidays in the area are often available at far less cost than other European destinations due to the lower cost of living and lower prices available in Spain; this can allow families to enjoy cheap holidays in exotic surroundings without sacrificing the quality of their accommodations or their activities.

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Because of its near-tropical climate, Tenerife offers a wide range of activities perfect for family holidays. Carnival is held in February each year throughout the islands as a celebration of the end of Lent; the colourful costumes and extensive parades in the capital city of Santa Cruz are perfect for families with children, while the late-night street dances are perhaps better reserved for the older members of the family. Music lovers can combine their luxury holidays in Tenerife with one of the seasonal music festivals; the Music Festival of the Canary Islands is held each June, while the Sabandeño Festival takes place in September and features folklore music from around the region.

The tourism trade in Tenerife and, indeed, throughout Spain is designed to cater to English-speaking customers; shopping centres, water parks, and restaurants all offer courteous service in English to their customers. The leading industry of the Canary Islands is tourism; as a result, tourists and holidaymakers will enjoy a friendly, welcoming atmosphere throughout their luxury holidays in Tenerife. Travellers can choose among dozens of reasonably-priced resorts in the area, each with its own unique atmosphere and special attractions certain to please even the most particular family members. Cheap holidays in Tenerife can truly be a once-in-a-lifetime family bonding experience that will be remembered and discussed for years to come.

Luxury family holidays can create memories to last a lifetime; however, financial considerations may put holiday planning on hold for many families. Careful planning and saving may not be enough to ensure that families can enjoy the luxury holidays of their dreams; however, a number of agencies offer cheap holidays to exotic resort destinations like Tenerife in the Canary Islands and to other scenic regions of Spain. By choosing one of these low-cost agencies to plan and arrange a holiday excursion, the whole family can enjoy a deluxe holiday adventure for far less than would otherwise be possible.

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