Luxurious Living at Its Very Best In the French Alps

The French Alps near the Italian border have some of the best skiing and snow-boarding terrain in the world. An added attraction is Mont Blanc, a visible landmark for many miles. This region has always been a popular one with tourists from around the world.

French chalet - Luxurious Living at Its Very Best In the French Alps

The legendary beauty of the French Alps combined with the allure of some spectacular skiing and snow-boarding slopes has led to a mushrooming of numbers of holiday and ski resorts in the area. Among the preferred types of accommodation favoured by many visitors are the luxury ski chalets so popular in the French ski resorts.

Luckily these chalets are available to rent in a range of options. A typical scenario would be a chalet that sleeps 14 people, and has facilities such as a Jacuzzi, sauna, play room for kids and close proximity to a ski lift. The options in fact are myriad and you could rent a chalet for a lot less than you might imagine.

Family skiing holidays are always a memorable occasion and staying together at a luxury chalet can make it even more so. Again there are lots of options available, but one should take care to choose the right one.

French Alps Chalet dinner - Luxurious Living at Its Very Best In the French Alps

Choosing a Family Friendly French Chalet

  1. You should find out about the location of the chalet. Is it in an area that is safe for families and how convenient is access to the skiing areas?
  2. Can you book ski lessons with tutors that specialise in teaching children to ski
  3. Are there child care après ski facilities available and how good are they?
  4. The quality of the food and services and if it is amenable to a family’s requirement.

A stay at a French chalet is a very different experience when compared with staying in a hotel and it is recommended that you experience it at least once.

French Alps - Luxurious Living at Its Very Best In the French Alps

The Chalet Experience
You will find that luxury ski chalets have amenities like balconies, grand views and open fire places; something you will not get at a hotel. Plus it is an extremely child friendly arrangement with cots and/or cribs easily accommodated in a room. You may get a parking space adjacent to the chalet or your own private driver. The most luxurious chalets today have saunas and / or outdoor hot tubs.

You can also opt for a self catering arrangement.  Cheaper and more accessible for many families today, these can be so comfortable they are like a home from home – and you choose exactly what everyone wants to eat each night. Which can be a blessing with faddy children..

The French Alps have always been renowned for their great beauty as well as for the good skiing locations that abound in the area.  Chalet accommodation adds considerably to the experience in that you can be a little more relaxed yet soak up the atmosphere of a complete French skiing holiday.

Skiing French Alps - Luxurious Living at Its Very Best In the French Alps

If you are planning to visit the French Alpine region for a skiing holiday this season, chalet accommodation adds to the experience in a way that a hotel cannot compete with.  It is definitely an experience you are not likely to forget in a hurry.

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