Luxury Holidays – Reasons to visit Burma

Burma produces 90% of the world’s rubies and a range of other precious gems. It has also long been an undiscovered jewel for tourists, with holidays in Burma only taking off in recent years. Luxury holidaymakers are now starting to find out to just how much the country can offer, but at present relatively few tourists have caught on. This allows for a relatively quiet, unspoilt holiday in a country with spectacular scenery and a vibrant culture.

Buddhist Temple Inle Lake - Luxury Holidays - Reasons to visit Burma

The Burmese countryside offers seclusion and unspoilt beauty, and a number of luxury resorts can now be found nestled among the spectacular scenery. For example, Inle Princess Resort sits upon the quiet banks of the Inle Lake, overlooking the calm, peaceful waters and the beautiful rural vistas that stretch in every direction. The location is accessible enough to reach easily – with just an hour’s drive from the nearest airport – yet secluded enough to guarantee peace and quiet. 

The country also benefits from a coastline offering some wonderful beaches. With a warm climate and beautiful, clean waters, luxury holidays to Burma are dedicated to peace and relaxation. Destinations such as Sandoway Resort overlook the peaceful sandy beaches. In spite of offering soft sand, wonderful views, and clear waters the beaches will not be crowded by tourists. Only a few visitors, along with friendly locals and their ox-drawn carts, will share the sands with you.

Not everybody visits Burma for the peace of the coast and the countryside, however. Some wish to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the country’s thriving capital city Yangon (also sometimes called Rangoon). If you wish to take in the urban splendour and huge variety of facilities that this city can offer, The Governor’s Residence Hotel Burma is the ideal place to stay. This luxury boutique hotel provides easy access to the excitement of the city, including the impressive Shwedagon Pagoda and the busy riverside area. However, the hotel itself is located in the diplomatic quarter, a quieter district which allows you to get some rest at the end of the day away from the hub of activity that makes up most of the city.

With a wonderful coastline and some spectacular rivers, many luxury holidaymakers choose to take in multiple parts of Burma through a relaxing cruise. For example, The Road to Mandalay is a five star luxury cruise which travels along the Irrawaddy River from Bagan to Mandalay. Sights taken in along the way include small villages and a huge wealth of incredible natural scenery. Longer versions of the cruise are available at some times of year offering up to 11 nights. Alternatively, the Orcaella is a similar cruise, varying between seven to eleven nights. This cruise takes place on a smaller ship, allowing it to reach places its counterpart cannot.

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