Make The Most Of Your Road Trip With These Helpful Apps

Going on a road trip has always been a fun experience to get out on the open road and see parts of the country. But with how much technology has changed in recent years, road trips are even more entertaining and offer more opportunities than ever before. Here are some apps you must have before you set out on your next road trip that will make your adventure even more fun.


Waze Having a GPS app will keep you on the right path while driving and also help keep you out of traffic. The worst part about a road trip is getting lost and having to spend hours trying to yet back on path. But with GPS your chances of getting lost are much less likely. Wave will update you with real-time traffic, as well as the best possible route to your destination. If you aren’t driving, you can also check in with other ‘Wazer’s’ with the social network part of the app. You never know what other road-trippers you may meet on your travels, and what memories you might be able to share.

Roadside America Roadside America is your key to finding a lot of the unique and original things that will lie along your way of an American road trip. Sure, it may take you a few extra hours to reach your destination, but it’s worth it when it comes to seeing the worlds largest ball of yarn or other whacky objects. Plus, a road trip isn’t about how quickly you get somewhere, but instead the experiences you make along the way.

Instagram You are going to see a lot of amazing things while on your road trip. Make sure that you have Instagram on your tablet or phone, so you can take plenty of pictures that will help you remember your adventure. Instagram is also great for allowing all of your friends to see your pictures and be envious of your travels.

Pandora Pandora will make sure you are entertained the entire time you’re on your road trip. With tons of music to play, you’ll never get tired of what’s playing and you’ll love rolling your windows down and turning the music up. Pandora is even better because it’ll recognize the music you do like, and play other songs in the same genre that you might like as well.

  Yelp! For the times that you are on the road all day and you want to find a unique restaurant to eat at, Yelp! will help you find the best spots in your area. You can view what other people are saying, as well as sample menus of what the restaurant has to offer. Once you’ve finished, be sure to leave your own review so other travelers can see what there is to offer.

Gas Buddy When you are on a road trip, you want to save as much money as you can in order to do really neat touristy stuff. Therefore, saving money on gas is priority number one. With Gas Buddy, you can find the cheapest gas prices around you, in order to make sure that you aren’t overpaying and wasting money. Gas Buddy is also great for showing you how far away the next station is, in case your tank is running low and your wondering how far you’ll be able to make it before you have to get out and push instead.

A road trip is a fun adventure as it is. But when you add all of these great apps, you can have an even better time on the open road. Before you pack your car, make sure these helpful apps are on your smartphone or tablet device.

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