Marrakech’s Most Versatile and Delicious Street Food

When you think of Morocco and Marrakesh in terms of food or drink, do you think about spicy tagines, couscous and maybe a nice refreshing mint tea? Although these are flavoursome dishes that are recognised as Moroccan cuisine around the world, there’s so much more to taste in Marrakech!


Marrakesh has some of the most wonderful tasting street food, that not only offers a variety of flavours and recipes, but they can also take you on an adventure around the city – something restaurants can’t do. To give you an idea of what to expect when you travel to Marrakesh, take a look at some of the more interesting dishes on offer.

Harira Soup

There are many different versions of the dish known as Harira Soup available across Marrakesh.  It is essentially a soup made from a base of tomato and spiced chickpea, lentils and pasta. The base is then flavoured by a hefty mixture of ginger, saffron, cinnamon, lemon, parsley and coriander. Although Harira is typically served during the festival of Ramada, with figs, bread and lemon to bring an end to the fasting, it is also widely available at other times of the year.

M’semmen – A Versatile Moroccan Pancake

M’semmen is very similar to a pancake or roti. They are cooked by street vendors on hot plates with a variety of oil, and are then served plain or with a selection of toppings depending on the time of day.  For instance, during the morning, you would most likely have the pancakes served with honey, jam, sugar or butter, as a sweet breakfast to start the day.


Pastilla – Sweet and Surprising Pastry Delight

This is a very popular dish in Marrakesh, and it has a surprising twist that many foreigners don’t know about! The dish consists of sweet pastry layers that are stuffed with either pigeon or chicken, depending on your budget, and then smothered in icing sugar. Yes, that’s right – meat and sugary sweetness.  Many people suggest that it tastes similar to a nutty dessert filled with peanut butter. Either way, it definitely doesn’t taste of chicken or pigeon!

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Food?

When you book a flight with and visit Marrakesh, you will likely want to know where is best to try the local cuisine. Although the locals aren’t so keen, a serious tourist hotspot is right in the middle of Djemaa el-Fna Square. At night more than 100 different food stalls are set up here, and they sell a wide range of fantastic foods!

They are helpfully numbered and arranged by what each stall sells. For example, around the edge of the market you would find fresh juice, dried fruit and nut stalls, and as you move inward you would be able to find the meats. On your way to the centre, you’ll certainly come across a collection of stalls selling salads, fish, couscous and tagines. You will not regret a trip to Marrakesh if you spend your time enjoying the many delicacies on offer.

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