Mauritius Island Beach And Wild

Mauritius Island or Republic of Mauritius located off the southeast coast of the African continent in the southwest Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar. Mauritius is one of the most beautiful Island countries. It is so beautiful island there are many wonderful beaches that are great ideal for holidays. The Republic includes the islands of Cargados Carajos, Rodrigues and the Agalega Islands. Mauritius Island is part of the Mascarene Islands. It is a charming, attractive piece of paradise on the earth.

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You may finally find yourself longing for something more to do beside swimming and sunbathing. There is something for everybody. You will discover it beyond your dreams. The beauty of Mauritius Island’s beach, viewing the entire coast will be once in a lifetime experience for you which can never be forgotten.

The Mauritius has got helpful tourist information in the hospitality of its multi-ethnic people. Half of the citizenry in Mauritius is Hindu and approximately a fifth is Muslim. Both religions are downward of indentured laborers that were brought during British Colony to work in cane fields. The official language is English. French is extensively used and Creole is widely spoken. Asian languages also form part of the linguistic mosaic.

Wildlife parks of Mauritius are well maintained and have enough seen a rise in the forest animals, birds and others. Some of the famous wildlife parks in Mauritius are Gorges National Park, Black River and La Vanille Crocodiles Park. You will found an exceptional experience and the opportunity to get some of the best nature and wildlife photography. Dramatic virgin forests make Mauritius something different from other beach destinations, there is in fact something for everyone here on your holiday to Mauritius.

The weather in Mauritius is comfort all round the year. The summer season on November until April and winter season start on May to October. Why don’t choose your Cheap Mauritius Holidays and Mauritius Hotels on this paradise island.

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