MEAT & BREW: Hotspots for your Beerkad in Bonficaio Global City

You wake up early, go to work, and grind the whole day. As the day progresses, you find yourself wishing that the office clock will tick faster. Your friends suddenly start texting, “Nasan ka na? Tara na!” Once your shift ends, it’s time to unwind! After a hard day’s work, it’s good to relax, by eating out and drinking with your friends. If you love to hang out with your barkada after a stressful night at the office, or stay in your friends’ crib; here are some of the best places with the perfect combination of meat and brew that you and your friends should definitely try:

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A creation by and for beer lovers, The Perfect Pint is one of the – for lack of a better word – PERFECT places to get your beer game on. Created by the Tempongko brothers, they aim to serve you the country’s best locally crafted beer, paired with scrumptious Filipino dishes made and served by Chef Gene Gonzales.


  • All of their beers! (You can order their Beer Sampler to taste a variety of drinks)
  • Heap of fresh bacon
  • Steak & eggs
  • Crispy pig knuckles


Along 32nd street, you will find Skinny Mike’s Sports bar. As the name suggests, it is a place where you can drink and watch sports at the same time. Simply put, Skinny Mike’s is the best spot to chill with your friends while watching your favourite team play! You can also amuse yourself by playing a game or two of table-soccer or foosball with your friends. Definitely one of the best places to unwind after work!


  • Baked sisig
  • Boneless buffalo bites
  • Salpicao
  • Beer choices: A variety of both local and foreign beers


Fans of the English culture will love Wolf & Fox. You can find this fascinating place amidst the BGC condos and offices at Two Parkade. The name implies that you can either eat wild like a Wolf or dine light like a Fox. Either way, you’ll surely enjoy the food here, accompanied by their variety of beers and mixes.


  • Roast beef
  • Wolf burger
  • Wolf & Fox mix
  • Bananaweizen


One of the most astounding beer spots in the Metro, The Brewery just opened last year. Upon entering this place for the first time, you might feel like you’re entering a laboratory because of the several large pipes and machines inside. This is because The Brewery actually makes the beer that they serve! Inside, the vibe is lively yet calm despite the fact that this place is by some BGC condo for sale. If you like to hang out and converse with your friends after a long day of work, The Brewery is perfect for you.



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