Mesmerizing Australia – A Travelogue

Time to travel around Australia! I can’t wait,  super pumped and have had lots of suggestions from the Twitterati on where to go, what to see, and who to visit when we go travel around Australia again!

12 Apostles - Mesmerizing Australia - A Travelogue

I have just seen Australia on tv while the Australian open tennis is going on or when they show it on the discovery channel.

After we finish shooting our Gold Coast Feature with the Gold Coast Tourism Board we’ll be venturing back to Sydney, to showcase Bondi and the Harbour Front since we were a bit too rushed last time, and possibly Manly Beach too! But while we travel around Australia we cannot have a sexy night out in Sydney, as everyone should!

Then we’re thinking of heading over to Canberra for some Aussie history and immerse ourselves in the capitol for an afternoon or so.

Finally, we get to make our way to Melbourne!!! We’ve heard SO much about Melbourne from travelers and Aussie’s alike! I might even take to the stage for some much needed stand-up time and take the piss outta the Aussie’s for a bit. (I hear they like that). We’ve been thinking we should also check out the Zoo or go Shark diving, then check out the Australia Rules Football game, and Federation Square.

Melbourne Australia - Mesmerizing Australia - A Travelogue

After our whirlwind tour of Melbourne we’re thinking of hitting up the Great Ocean Road and capture the changing colours of the 12 apostles during either a sunrise or sunset!

From there we’ll be stopping in Adelaide to visit our friend Kirsty who we met in Yamba and she’s going to show us how to travel around Australia in true Adelaide style!

Last but not least we’ll be hitting up Perth to see the Pinnacles and Margaret River!

We hope when we travel around Australia this time we’ll at least be able to see some dolphins, crocs and maybe even some self-contained sharks or something? So far mother nature’s only revealed snakes, lizards and some kangaroo’s!

Oh! Speaking of which, we don’t really have to travel around Australia that far because tomorrow we get to cuddle with a Koala at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary!

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary - Mesmerizing Australia - A Travelogue

The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is a great place for people of all ages! We’re super excited with our itinerary tomorrow because we get to have a break with wild Lorikeets and hand feed them. Then we get to take pics with Koala’s, learn about the Didgeridoo and how it’s played, take the Extreme Green Challenge swinging from ropes in trees! Other features there include: Totally Wild Snakes show, Crocodile Encounters, Kangaroo Feeding, sampling real bee honey from Super Bee Honey World and end the day with an invigorating show with the Aboriginal Dancers!

If you have any suggestions for our second road trip and what you think we should do to travel around Australia we’d LOVE to hear your thoughts!

After all, it’s not just how we do it, it’s how you want to Roo it too! (too much?)

Angela is a frequent flyer who works as a travel consultant and often travels across Australia. She always prefers to fly with Jetstar on short trips from Sydney to Launceston and return.

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