Mexico City – some facts and findings that are sure to amaze travelers

Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, is a highly frequented tourist destination in the world. Though many people have extremely negative notions regarding the place, all of them are not true. The city has a great population of over 20 million people and therefore it is a crowded place with lots of hustle and bustle and activities. There are many attractive things about Mexico City like its busy and bustling markets, the awesomely delicious local delicacies, innumerable cultural events all throughout the year, vibrant night life etc.

Mexico City

When you are planning for an all-friends vacation, you can definitely choose Mexico City as your next destination. Also, you can have the luxury of flying in business class as excellent offers are being given out by many companies.

Great discounts are being offered on business class tickets as well as first class tickets. You will be surprised to know that such offers have never been given previously. So why miss the golden opportunity of flying in business class flights at the cost of mere economy class or even less? Hurry and grab the tickets from Here are some extremely interesting facts about Mexico City that would amaze you:

  • Mexico City is actually built on a lake – Mexico City has a rich historical past. If you study the history of the city, you will find that the first stone of civilization was laid by the Aztechs. During those times, the city seemed like an island in the midst of the lake. Gradually the whole lake was used for expansion of civilization. Later Spaniards destroyed the city and made Mexico City on the ruins. However, some infrastructures were that of old Aztech City only. Remnants of the Aztech civilization can still be found from different parts of the Mexico City and have developed as places of tourist attractions.
  • Don’t underestimate the subway of the city – If you ask a travel guide about local transportation in Mexico City, he will never mention the Mexico City subway. The reason for the same is unknown! However, the fact is that Mexico City subway is an extremely fast, convenient and time saving transport option, which millions of locals use. Infact it is also extremely cheap when compared to other local forms of transportation in the city like car services and taxis. It is surprising to see that the subway stations are places with some of the best libraries, shops, computer labs and so on. Innumerable bookstores can also be found in the place.
  • Mexico City is not all about tequila and tacos – If you think that visiting Mexico City will give you opportunities of indulging on tacos and tequila only, you are mistaken. There are wide varieties of other delicacies and drinks that are on offer for the travelers. Some of the world’s top restaurants and eating destinations can be found in Mexico City and Pujol (a posh restaurant) stands evidence to the fact clearly. Lip smacking local delicacies can be tried at the various small food stalls and shops as well.

To know more about Mexico City, the traveler needs to have a different bent of mind so that he can explore the unknown things about the city that normal tourists miss.

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