Must Visit Tallinns Parks and Gardens

Tallinn – Estonia’s capital city is a perfect holiday destination. It is geared up with modern world comforts, versatile nightlife and thrilling adventures in rich-culture and historical background.

Kadriorg Palace - Tallinn

If you are staying at one of the hotellit Tallinna then there are several parks located right near you. There are more than 50 parks in this gorgeous city. Amongst them, the park at Tower Square (Tornide väljak) provides an excellent view of Tallinn’s medieval wall.

In Toompark is Shnelli Pond – a deep and broad ditch, where plenty of ducks gather. Kadriorg is Downtown’s largest and famous park. It covers a vast region and includes manicured gardens, ponds, and fountains that surround the Kadriorg Palace & art museum. Kadriorg Park was established by Tsar Peter.

Top parks & gardens

Kadriorg Park – Kadriorg Park is spread around approximately 250 scenic acres. This city park features a symmetrical Swan Lake with a pathway that leads to the Northern Baroque Palace. Magnificent palace has blooming trees leaning over the carved doorframes.

Peter the great built this palace and garden in 1718, as a symbol of love for Catherine I – his wife. Italian architect named Niccolo Michetti designed this grandiose palace. The Palace also has an art museum that allows tourists to enjoy a stunning and extravagant foreign art collection.

The vast surrounding grounds includes beautiful shrubs, flowers, ponds, sculptures and plenty of open space to rest or enjoy a picnic. Czar Peter’s Palace is the most vital site to see because the interiors still hold the original decorations and small art pieces definitely worth seeing.

A little away is the presidential palace, modern art museum and Peter’s Cottage. In the year 2011, Japanese garden was added to Kadriorg Park. Renowned Japanese designer Masao Sone designed this wonderful landscape.

Toompark – Shnelli Pond is the remaining part of a moat that once surrounded the city. Toompark surrounds the pond and after it was reconstructed, a polygonal fountain was erected by the pond. Under the Toompea slope at the rear of the park a stadium is seen. In winters, when it snows, a snow-city is constructed here.

Botanical garden – This garden boasts a huge anthology of greenhouse plants. Five widespread outdoor collections include the rose garden, the arboretum, bulbous plants, perennials and annuals. Botanical garden even specializes in displaying sensual, beautiful, exotic and fragrant flowers. Tourists get to see different themes every month. Spring and summer is the best time to visit this garden.

Kakumäe Coastal Park – 12-hectare Park surrounds Kakumäe region. A long lighted ‘health path’ was built in 2007 equipped with sports equipments. You can even rest on park benches placed all along the way. The beach has a shower, changing cabins, children playground, ball games area, bike parking area, and free car parking area.

Danish Kings Garden – Taani Kuninga aed is the most pictorial and isolated location in Old Town. It is full of trees, little nooks, benches and a great sight of Niguliste Church Spire. Night is the best time to visit this garden. At the rear, lie the medieval walls providing an enchanting backdrop and the beautifully lit town roofs looks mysterious. You can also view two Tallinns fortification towers Tallitorn and Neitsitorn.

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