Mysore – The city of Royal palace, rich heritage and Dasara festival

Mysore is the second cleanest city of India and third largest city of Karnataka. It is also called the cultural capital of India. It is a city known for the production of high quality silk, sandalwood, and incense. Read on to know more.


Traveling is both hobby and passion. It adds more perspectives to how you see the world around you and you learn to respect people and cultures different than you even more. Traveling is also synonymous to vacationing since it brings about a complete refreshment for those outstretched and tired by the chores of routine life.

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India is a country that has plenty of tourist destinations. Some places are known for their scenic beauty, while others are famous for their historical significance. Mysore is one such place which you can consider visiting this time around. It is a popular tourist place and full of monuments and other attractions that tell about the royal richness and era-old history of this city.

Mysore Ooty

You can check out in any of the hotels in Mysore which are available for booking online as well. Lalitha Mahal Palace, Radisson Blu, and Country Inn are 5 star hotels which offers a totally luxurious stay to its guests. There are a number of budget accommodations and guesthouses as well, such as Urban Oasis, Hotel Roopa, and Anokhi Garden.

Mysore is the third largest Karnataka city and considered the second cleanest city in India. Mysore Princely Kingdom ruled here over six centuries (1399-1947). Mysore is based at the foothills of Chamundi hills. It is also known by its sobriquet – the cultural capital of South India.

The Dasara festival, the Mysore Pak sweet dish, and the Mysore Peta silk turban are the most popular things about this city and attract a lot of tourists every year. It is only 91 miles from Bangalore and well-connected to NH 212 by road, Bangalore railway station, and the Mysore airport. It is also a connecting link for Chennai as some airlines operate Mysore to Chennai flights from its airport, which also serves as a stop journey for people flying from Bangalore to Chennai.

Nandi, Chamundi Hills

Places and attractions: Sri Chamundeshwari temple on the Chamundi Hill, the grand Mysore Palace which is a World Heritage site, Jaganmohan Palace of 1861 which is a huge auditorium, the Rail Museum which showcases Mysore Maharani’s saloon of 1899, Mysore Zoo that was started in 1892, Karanji Lake Nature Park close to the zoo, Silver Jubilee Clock Tower of 1927, Government House of 1805 with 20 hectares of gardens, etc. are the main sites of tourist attractions in Mysore.

There is a Devaraja Market, which dates back to the days of Tipu Sultan, is an old local bazaar which is set in open style and is worth a visit. Explore the city of Mysore to know about the heritage that this place is.

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