Nature in All Its Glory: Connecting With the Great Outdoors on Vacation

Taking a vacation with the kids should be fun for everyone, but there are only so many theme parks that you (and your wallet) can cope with. When you need a break from the pool, and the kids need a break from the museums, there is a big world out there waiting to be explored. All you need to get the kids to come along is an angle.

Hiking Girl Cape Town - Nature in All Its Glory: Connecting With the Great Outdoors on Vacation

Safety First

Nobody is going to enjoy a hike if they are anxious about safety, so take sensible precautions. Ensure that someone knows where you are going and when you expect to be back. Find out from local sources what hazards you might encounter on the way and how to deal with them.

In some countries security is more of an issue than others. Once you have found a good base for exploring the region, like the Protea Umhlanga Ridge by Marriott, check with hotel staff before going to a new area, or join an organized tour.


Using the imagination is always an effective way to gain kids’ attention. Pretend you are native trackers looking for evidence of the animals that may be around you. They leave behind all sorts of signs: paw prints, droppings, nests, burrows, broken twigs, etc. Guess which animals have left the marks and where they are now.

Bug Hunt

You will not have to go far to find living creatures if you are prepared to look closely. Capture small bugs and examine them with a magnifying glass. Discuss the number of legs and wings and guess what they eat. If you find a pond watch the water closely to see what is moving on or under the surface.

Cape Town South Africa - Nature in All Its Glory: Connecting With the Great Outdoors on Vacation

Capture the Moment

Taking photographs is an excellent way to engage children. Equip them with a camera or phone and let them take pictures of whatever grabs their attention. When you get back, go through the pictures and recreate the hike. It will help you to see it from their angle, too.

Alternatively, collect trophies along the way, like interesting nuts, leaves, and stones. Sort out your collection together at the end of the day and use them for art or science projects.

Bring It Together

A scavenger hunt is always a great way to help the kids to stay focused on a hike. You can adjust the difficulty of the quest and the competitive element to suit the age range. Prepare a list of search items in advance or make it up as you go along.

A Family Quest

A family vacation is a time to do things together, preferably things which include an element of physical and mental challenge. One of the best ways to do that is on a hiking trail. Protea Umhlanga Ridge by Marriott, You can check here for better hotel service. Every member of the family can contribute and, provided you can keep the spark of interest alight, you will get to share the relaxation of the evening all the better.

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