New Zealand – have you visited yet?

If you haven’t visited New Zealand yet you’re missing something ‘awesome’. Too often the word is bandied around, especially by celebrities coming out with it every other word. A singer in a band describing the audience as “awesome” is a typical misuse of the word. The true meaning of awesome is as follows:

New Zealand Sheep - New Zealand - have you visited yet?

… “Something which inspires awe”…
If any place can be described as being “awesome” or “awe inspiring” that place is New Zealand. If anything can be described in the same vein it is the mountains, lakes, glaciers, fiords, waterways and hot springs which are permanent features of the landscape of this amazing country. If you’re going over there to visit, there is only one way to take in as much “awesomeness” as possible and that is by way of New Zealand campervan hire.

Getting there
Before you can experience the wonder and awe of this amazingly diverse, spectacular and ancient land you have to get there. There are regular scheduled flights from most countries in the world. You can also arrive by boat if you decide to go on a grand tour, although it can run out expensive to do it this way.

From the major capitals of Europe it is about a twenty four hour flight. From Los Angeles in the US it is about twelve to fourteen hours; from the eastern seaboard of the US it is about eighteen to twenty hours. But do not let the length of the journey put you off visiting. Believe, me, if there is any one place which has to be visited at least once in a lifetime it is New Zealand.

New Zealand Glacier - New Zealand - have you visited yet?

An adventure in the making
New Zealand is an adventure. From the high snow capped mountains of South Island, the glaciers, lakes and primeval forests, it is a little like stepping back a few million years in time. With a population of less than four million living in an area roughly the same size of Great Britain or Japan, you could be forgiven for thinking the human race hadn’t yet appeared.

You will drive for miles without seeing a soul. Just when you think you’re the last people left on earth, you round a bend and a small settlement or town comes into view. And when it does; boy, are you in for a great time. The local people are friendly. Yes, you often hear this about holiday destinations but here it is true. You’ll be made welcome because that is the nature of the people, especially away from the large conurbations. And if you find the people friendly, you will also find the food dished up in restaurants and eateries a mix of the modern and traditional.

If you like beaches, wind surfing or swimming awesome is one way of describing the long sweeping beaches of the North Island. If you love the peace and quiet of the mountains and maybe a little hiking, you’ll love South Island.

Tram Wellington New Zealand - New Zealand - have you visited yet?

If only I had the time and the space to truly effuse about New Zealand and its direct link with ‘awesome’. Sadly I don’t. You must go there and see for yourself; and to make the most of your visit and turn it into an adventure, New Zealand campervan hireis the best way to get around.

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