Next Pit Stop: Hotel in Times Square

Just like any other tourists, I would love to visit Manhattan, New York and have the bragging rights that I had been to one of the United States’ wealthiest counties. The Big Apple has been a part of the country’s history and home to a number of leading media and financial companies, so I have the impression that this is the place to be if I have to visit the United States. I have been told that the best place to stay would be the hotels at downtown Manhattan, or choose one of the Times Square hotels.

Times Square

Manhattan has a humid subtropical climate with hot summers, and rain in snow in the winter. Therefore, I chose my holiday in September when the air is less humid and it is slightly cooler. From the John F. Kennedy International Airport, I took a yellow cab to bring me to the New York Subway station to go to Manhattan, which is approximately 12 miles from the airport. I have planned so many things to do while in Manhattan, from watching a musical in Broadway, walking along Central Park, and visit famous landmarks like the Empire State Building and the Madison Square Garden.

Being in a great city can be a frightening experience, especially if you are traveling alone. I have a constant fear that I might booked my hotel in a not-so-good neighborhood, and that I might find my hotel a disgusting fleabag, smaller, older, or lived in. It is a good thing I chose a Manhattan hotel, which I found to be clean with a friendly and helpful staff. It may be small and there is nothing fancy there, but it is something I can afford.

Moreover, it is between Broadway and 6th Avenue where New Yorkers actually live, shop, and eat. There may not be so many amenities like an on-site restaurant, but you can find lots of eating and drinking establishments nearby. You also have an easy access to subway half a block away on Broadway. The next time I visit New York, I will surely try out a hotel in Times Square.

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