Orlando Hotels & Resorts Offer Different Benefits

Of all the cities in the United States that offer a number of different vacation options, Orlando, Florida is near the top of the list. The area is packed with theme parks, water parks, and other tourist attractions that keeps it at the top of lists for families. Hotels in Orlando run the gamut from the ultra-luxurious to basic bed and bathroom, which means potential vacationers need to take a hard look at their plans before deciding on where to stay. Disney hotels, off property hotels, and transportation needs are just a few of the options that travelers should consider before booking.

Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa
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Disney Hotels

Travelers heading to one of the Orlando areas most popular attractions, Walt Disney World, are faced with a difficult decision. Staying on Disney property in one the massive resorts offers a number of solutions. Among them are easy access to food, free transportation around the complex, and some pretty unique properties. If the Disney theme parks are the reason for the trip, travelers should give the different price levels a serious look before committing to another property. The time saved in simply getting around can often offset any other savings.

Off Property Hotels

Anyone heading to Orlando for a convention or a simple sightseeing trip have their pick from a number of properties across a spectrum of prices. While each property offers something different, the needed amenities and location of the hotel are two important factors to consider. Staying in a convention hotel might be the best way to go because of group rates, but staying down the street could reveal a nicer pool area, workout facility, or even a more desirable restaurant. Therefore, checking out the properties online before making a decision helps keep travelers informed.

Transportation Needs

Car rentals can be expensive, and travelers might be able to do without one depending on the hotel offerings. Many properties offer up free shuttle transportation via large buses to and from popular attractions like Universal Studios, Sea World, and Disney World. Checking into the schedule of the shuttle prior to arriving at the hotel can reveal the truth about the transportation and whether or not renting a car is a necessity.

In the end, the Orlando area offers something for everyone. Deciding between an off property hotel and a Disney hotel often boils down to transportation needs, but anyone visiting the area should familiarize themselves with the specifics before booking a stay. Doing a little research beforehand will yield a lot of enjoyment during the trip.

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