Perfect Tour On Time

This is the time you should start with the holiday plans as the vacation is nearing. Almost all the people love going for holidays to different parts of the world depending on the financial status. In fact holidays gives the most refreshing time to the people with the passage of time as they might be already stressed with the passage of time. It is natural that you might be bit confused on the holidays as there are many places wherein you love to visit. Still you should plan out things very accurately after doing sufficient home works so that you can utilize each and very minute effectively without any issues with the passage of time.

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Photo: Latin America For Less

Most of the people love visiting to those places which they have not visited till now as it gives complete pleasure in seeing new places and to know about the culture and tradition very closely. Most of the people are also interested in going to those places that are far away from the hustle and bustle of the city life wherein you can definitely move on with the holidays in a complete peaceful manner. Also you will be able to get a chance to breathe fresh air that is completely free from pollution. Continue reading “Perfect Tour On Time”

Five Destinations for the Food-Loving Traveller

Before you go on an overseas holiday, there is a lot of planning to be done. Buying tickets, hunting out good cheap travel insurance deals and checking whether you need any vaccinations, for example. But most fun of course is deciding where to go, and if you are a lover of fine food there are plenty of countries that will inspire and excite you. Here are five of our favourite travel destinations that are guaranteed to tickle your taste buds.

Spaghetti - Five Destinations for the Food-Loving Traveller

Italians take their food as seriously as any nation on earth. And it shows. From the pizzas and pasta dishes that are their best known gift to the world, to incredible salads, soups and meat dishes there is one thing that unites Italian cuisine: flavour. Whatever the dish, whether it is simple or sophisticated, if it is not packed with flavour, Italians will reject it. So when you are travelling in Italy, you can expect the highest quality ingredients prepared with love and ruthless quality control. What more could a food lover ask? Continue reading “Five Destinations for the Food-Loving Traveller”

Romantic Places in Italy to Visit

Yet not decided where to go for holidays, then look no further, Italy can be your dream holiday destination. This shoe shaped land is located in the Mediterranean Sea with pleasant climate to enjoy. With so much to see, Italy has always been a popular tourist destination for most of the Europeans.

Statue in Florence Italy - Romantic Places in Italy to Visit

Italy is located in the southern Europe with two largest islands – Sicily and Sardinia. Italy possesses a great historical background with the Roman Empire, middle ages and Renaissance that have left their mark with the many amazing cultural artifacts, monuments, paintings and much more. Continue reading “Romantic Places in Italy to Visit”

Australian Pubs, Food and Etiquette

Pubs are a popular place for social gatherings in Australia. From summer to winter, university students, co-workers, and people from all backgrounds gather to mingle in pubs. While pubs have their origins in ancient Rome, Australians have taken this British institution and created their own version. There is no formal difference between a bar and a pub, but generally pubs are bigger and more casual than bars. Colourful and interesting pubs can be found throughout Australia, and many people will have their favourite local watering holes. Perhaps pubs are so popular in Australia as they provide a relaxed and social atmosphere for drinking.

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Pub food tends to be rich and hearty, and pub menus have a range of traditional and modern café items. There are many pubs that serve top cuisine, functioning as restaurants, and others that serve modern, café-style food. Some common and very popular traditional pub menu items are: Continue reading “Australian Pubs, Food and Etiquette”

Surfers Paradise- Australia’s iconic tourist destination

Surfers Paradise (called “Surfers” by Australians) is Australia’s Miami. It’s a beautiful place, famous for its beaches, its lifestyle and with a well-deserved reputation for luxury. Surfers Paradise accommodation is one of the long-established benchmark standards for tourist accommodation in Australia. That’s not easy, because Australians, when on holiday in Australia, are very choosey about where they stay and how much they pay.

Focus Apartment - Surfers Paradise- Australia's iconic tourist destination

Surfers also has another issue- Competition from the rest of Queensland’s ferociously competitive tourist accommodation market. This is a multi billion dollar industry, and everybody plays to win. There’s no “time out” in this industry. The Queensland tourist market is active all year round, and to get market share, you have to deliver top quality and good, competitive prices all the time. Continue reading “Surfers Paradise- Australia’s iconic tourist destination”