Pit Stop: Smart Ideas for Making Your Trip Last Longer

Short getaways are great ways to give yourself a refreshing chance to clear your head. Unfortunately, those quick trips often seem to go by far too quick. You may think there is no way to stay away for more than a couple of days at a time, however, there are plenty of tips you can use to turn a weekend rest into a multi-day holiday.

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Take Your Job with You

More Americans are turning to telecommuting as a way to save on gas, energy, and frustration. In fact, one in five Americans work from home at least part of the time. It is fairly simple for most jobs to travel, so if you have a deadline or an important meeting, just make sure you have a laptop and a few hours. As long as you have a WiFi connection, there is no reason you can’t do some work on the beach or in the mountains. This way you don’t lose out on work time, and can still have a long stay in your favorite place.

Make Home Problems No Problem

Many travelers concern themselves with the safety of their homes when they are gone for an extended period of time. A home alarm or security system will give you the peace of mind you need while you spend days away. With some systems you can even use an app to watch streaming video of your home, remotely control your home’s thermostat, and turn off appliances. NorthStar alarm reviews have shown this kind of technology is becoming more and more popular.

Be Frugal on Your Travels

Long vacations don’t have to be overly expensive either. Plan your trip three to six months in advance to get the best deals on hotels and airfare. Save on entertainment by looking for museums and art galleries that are free to the public. Pack portable breakfasts and snacks so you can spend less on food and keep within a preset budget and you will find that you can afford a long, relaxing holiday.

Consider a House Swap

Home swapping is a trend catching on with many homeowners today. You simply open your home to another person in exchange for the use of theirs. This offers tremendous savings, reliable internet usage, and even the use of a car if that is part of your agreement. There are many reputable home swapping web sites that ensure you have a safe, happy experience.

Give Your Time for a Good Cause

An excellent way to spend a vacation is to volunteer. Organizations exist that allow you to travel to unique locations at a lower rate, in exchange for your time. You can choose how to volunteer at the time of booking. Some may ask you to work in orphanages, while others might request that you spend time with endangered animals. Making a difference in the world more than makes up for the extra time off from your daily life.

Get Your Employer Involved

Working away from the office is one thing, but getting your employer actively involved in your travels is another. Still, there are many ways to get your boss to support your trip, or even foot part of the bill. Look for conferences or training events that would be beneficial to your job but are in locations that are interesting to you as well. You may be able to reach an agreement with your employer that allow you a couple of extra days after or before the work-related component.

Most professional therapists agree vacations are vital to your overall health and well-being. Clearing your head, and being able to truly relax can benefit your life as well as the lives of those around you. Grab the family and reconnect. Spend some valuable alone time away from home. Regardless of what you do or where you go, a vacation is not just something you want, it is something you need. Managing to make the most out of any trip can only help to make you both happier and healthier.

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