Places in Dubai to Visit with Family

Thinking of going on a fun-filled holiday with your partner and little ones? Amongst the several countries and cities to choose from for a vacation with your entire family, Dubai truly stands out as the perfect family holiday destination. From theme parks and malls to beaches and beautiful resorts, Dubai offers a myriad of things to make your family trip the most memorable one in your life. Here we present some of the most popular places that you should visit and things you should do when you are in Dubai with your family.

Desert Dubai

Desert Safari:

While the city of Dubai is known for its exquisite architecture as well as growth and development, it has not forgotten its roots or its past. Dubai, in fact the entire UAE, is known as a desert land. To explore this enigmatic side of Dubai, you must go on a desert safari. While viewing the desert and the desert flora and fauna is quite interesting, these are not the only things that you would enjoy at the desert.

The safari begins with exciting dune bashing, followed by camel riding, quad biking and even sand boarding. There are entertainment options including Tanura and belly dancing. It is the best way to spend your evening in Dubai as you would be able to observe the glory of the desert during the best time of the day, when the sun sets. If you want to extend your trip and want to enjoy the desert during night time, go for an overnight desert safari tour.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo:

The Dubai Mall is one mall in Dubai that attracts thousands of people easily, every single day. But this is not just because of the shopping opportunities. One of the main reasons that people, especially families, come here on a regular basis is because there is an aquarium and underwater zoo right inside this mall. You enter the place through a glass tunnel with different species of fishes swimming around you. Here, you can observe sharks, groupers and such other types of fishes. Other than the fishes, this place also displays other beings that live under rivers and oceans. You would be able to watch and observe aquatic animals like penguins, lionfish, garden eels, giant spider crabs, water rats, African Dwarf crocodiles, otters, paddlefish, etc. While it is a guarantee that your children would love this place, it would delight you too.

Aquaventure water park

Water Parks:

Dubai brings out the best in whatever they do. Be it the buildings, malls, hotels or residential areas, they have set world records in everything. So the fact that this city has some of the best water parks is not at all surprising. Spread around huge spaces, most of these water parks of the city have state-of-the-art rides and roller coasters. One of the best water parks in Dubai is the Wild Wadi Water Park. Situated near Hotel Burj Al Arab, the Wild Wadi has several exciting water slides and wave pools. Apart from swimming, you can also enjoy rafting, kayaking and such recreational sports here.

Aquaventure, which is a part of Hotel Atlantis the Palm, has a 27.5 meters vertical slide as well as a Shark Attack Ride which takes you through a lagoon filled with sharks. On the other hand, there is Dreamland Water Park which is famous for its Twister where people are flushed out. Water parks are great places to spend your entire day. These water parks have been designed to make it kid-friendly as well as attractive to the adults too.


Being surrounded by the Arabian Gulf, Dubai is bestowed with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And what is a better way to spend time with your family than relaxing on the clean shores and swimming on the cool waters of the sea. While some of the beaches are open to the public, some are privately owned by hotels. The Jumeirah Beach is one of the pristine beaches in Dubai. While your kids make sand castles, you can indulge in some water sports like waterskiing, paragliding, etc. Another beach perfect for family outings is the Mamzar Beach Park. Apart from being a clean beach, here you would find two swimming pools, grassy areas to have a picnic, play area for the children, etc. Other beaches where you would superb fun are Burj Beach, Kite Beach, Nasimi Beach, Kite Beach, etc.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai:

Dubai has a humid climate and the heat during summertime is unbearable. So you may wonder how this place can have a place for skiing. But this is Dubai we are talking about which has always done something extraordinary. Hence, you would find the biggest skiing rink here. Ski Dubai is located inside the Mall of Emirates in Dubai Marina, along with a snow world. You will be provided with all the snowing gear along with your ticket including jackets, boots and gloves. This place has all the skiing facilities as you would find in an actual skiing location. If you are not a pro at skiing, you can take up skiing classes conducted here. Those who do not want to ski can enjoy the slides and other facilities of the snow world. You can also see and interact with penguins here.

Miracle Garden:

Miracle Garden is a true miracle as you can see a million blooms here which are naturally impossible given the climate of this city. However, Dubai is known to make impossible things possible, and the Miracle Garden is a true example of this. Spread around an area of 72,000 square meters, this garden is a proud owner of around 45 million flowers. What makes it even more special is that these flowers are designed in a beautiful manner in different shapes like in the form of pyramids, hearts, butterflies, stars, etc. Every season, the old floral displays make way for new ones. So, the Miracle Garden would surprise you every time you visit the place.

Apart from the above mentioned places, Dubai Fountain, SEGA Republic, Dubai Mall, Dolphinarium, etc. are some of the places in Dubai to visit with family. Wherever you choose to go, you would definitely have a great time.

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