Places to visit in Frankfurt this winter

These first months are the coldest one of the year and, although there are some places with warm temperatures all over the year, the destination we are going to recommend you is not part of that list.

Frankfurt Germany - Places to visit in Frankfurt this winter

5 places you should visit in Frankfurt

  1. Goethe House: this museum house is one of the most popular and touristy spots in the whole Frankfurt. Both inside as outside is a fine art work and it was the house of the famous Goethe, worldwide known as one of the best writers. It will show you the way he lived and the people common routines during its age as everything got perfectly conserved.
  2. Eiserner Steg: this iron bridge was built after the IIWW bombs. You will be able to enjoy by watching one of the most incredible skyscrapers of the city, the Skyline, a modern work that is unique in the German city streets. It is said that in this bridge many lovers leave their padlock as a proof of their love.
  3. Romerberg: this traditional Square located in the city center is one of the best conserved treasures of Frankfurt. Although some cities decide to overthrow classical buildings, this place has kept all the details of stunning buildings. You will be able to taste the hot chocolate while you take a look to the classical style that surrounds the Square.
  4. Stadel Museum: it owns a collection of about 700 years of European art where works for authors like Picasso, Rembrand, Botticelli or even Matisse are shown.
  5. The Hauptwache: it is one of the busiest squares of the city and the perfect place to end your trip. Full of commerce, restaurants and hotels is maybe the beating heart of Frankfurt. You will be able to get to the top of the Kaufhof Gallery and take a look to the panoramic view of the city. It is also the best place to sit in a terrace and taste one of the best beers of the world.

All in all, a winter without cold and snow is not a winter in almost all Europe. So, let’s fly to Frankfurt with a perfect flight with Travelgenio, in Germany, to arrive to one of the most beautiful Old Continent capitals. Take your best coat and start the visit.

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