Planning a Trip to Letchworth State Park – USA

Many people across the world have this unexplained association and feeling of calmness with a waterfall. I have read many celebrities and novelist talking about waterfalls and how they feel when they are near a waterfall. I believe you must have too felt something different if you ever had a chance to be close to a water fall. The love of unknown and spectacular things is associated with human psychology. It is not only being there, near to waterfall, I have seen many living rooms having large canvas prints of famous waterfalls being used to decorate it. View of a waterfall is mesmerizing without any doubt and so is the sound when combined with the view. Watching a waterfall from the base gives me a feeling as if even my blood circulation is in downward motion. I would sometimes close my eyes and listen to the sound and realized, that it is not only the view but the sound also gives an adrenaline rush to me. The mist in the air around the waterfall adds to the excitement.

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Letchworth State Park is famous because of it having number of waterfalls in it. It is located in the New York state of USA and above 30 miles from Rochester. Rochester also has many beautiful sites to offer to a tourist and hold the famous ‘Lilac Festival’ every year. Rochester had been also called as ‘The World’s Image Center’ and ‘Flower City’. Letchworth State Park is approximately 17 miles long and has an area of above 14,000 acres in it. There are at least 50 waterfalls in Letchworth State Park, out of which three are big ones. Letchworth State Park got is name because of its land owner Mr. William Pryor Letchworth, who gave away all the land to the state for making it into a state’s park.

As mentioned before, Letchworth State Park has 3 big waterfalls which are named after their positions of Upper, Lower and Middle Falls. All of them are located in Portage Canyon and I guess that is the reason that Letchworth State Park is also known as ‘The Grand Canyon of the East’. These three big waterfalls are along the famous Genesee River within a circle of few miles to each other. The park is well established as a tourist attraction and major developments have been down to create good enough infrastructure to aid to tourism in this area. You can find shops and restaurants easily in the Letchworth State Park and there are number of recreational activities that one can indulge in.

Most of the tourists go for hiking in the hilly areas along different small waterfalls. There are guided tours in the area and there are ample opportunities for photography and some sightseeing. I have seen many professional photographers being there. I realized this because of the time of expensive cameras they were having and a bag having different lenses and so on. I guess these images make it to the front page of many magazines and also as digital photo print frames for interior decoration. In fact I saw many images of waters fall on the website of Image-Printers, which is an online digital printing service provider. It is not only the summers that you can have fun here visiting, if you love snowmobiling you are up for a treat while visiting in winters. There are many tour operators offering on rent snow mobiles and also guided tour packages of Letchworth State Park during winters and snow time.

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