Planning an Easter Getaway? Singapore Airlines Offers Plenty of Options

Are you dreaming of getting away this Easter, but aren’t sure where to head? Why not take a look at the large choice of travel destinations that is offered by Singapore Airlines? You can buy an air ticket cheap to a great selection of exciting holiday destinations.

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About Singapore Airlines

This world renowned airline is the flag carrier of Singapore and is one of the most well respected travel brands globally. Its history dates back to 1947 when the first commercial flight between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang was launched by Malayan Airways. The airline was later renamed Malaysia-Singapore airlines which was split in two in 1977 which created Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlines.

These days, Singapore Airlines has an impressive route which covers 63 destinations in a total of 35 countries all over Asia, Europe, the Middle East, the South Pacific, North American and Africa. The airline has garnered a lot of praise over the years, winning several travel and industry awards such as the “Best Global Airline” award from Conde Nast Traveller for 21 consecutive years.

Destinations from Hong Kong

If you are flying on an air ticket cheap from Hong Kong, what sort of destinations does Singapore Airlines offer?

There is an incredibly diverse collection of destinations that are served by Singapore Airlines from Hong Kong, from the tropical beaches of Boracay, Philippines to the big city culture of Sydney, Australia. You can fly to New York and enjoy the culture and cuisine of the Big Apple or say “Bonjour” to the Mona Lisa in Paris. You can hit the ski hills just outside of Vancouver, Canada or marvel at the fast-paced modern world of Tokyo.

The choices go on, including Shanghai, Toronto, Los Angeles, Koh Samui, London and Melbourne. No matter what type of holiday you desire, from laid back beach escape to culture-filled city break, you are sure to find a Singapore Airline flight that suits your needs.

Fight Centre Offers Lowest Airfare Guarantee for Singapore Airlines Flights

When you are booking your Singapore Airline flight, keep in mind that Flight Centre maintains a ‘Lowest Airfare Guarantee’ which means that you will always get the cheapest price on your flights. Compare prices from anywhere else and if you find a better deal on cheap flights, bring it in to your Flight Centre travel agent in Hong Kong. They will not only beat the price by $10, they will also offer you a $100 gift certificate for travel.

Not only will you be sure to get the cheapest price, you will also enjoy many other advantages when booking with a travel agent in Hong Kong. You will have the security of knowing that you have insurance and someone to call if things go wrong and if you have any questions. You will also save your precious time, as booking travel can be very tedious and time consuming. Your travel agent will be able to use their connections and knowledge to design the perfect getaway that fits your ideal vision.

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