Polk Museum of Art : Popular Exhibits of Last Year

Polk Museum of Art if situated in Polk county and it is the only accredited fine arts museum in Florida. It is no surprise that this fine museum is also affiliated with the Smithsonian institution. Polk museum of art holds many different exhibitions every year. Last year was no different. There were many popular exhibits that were able to gather people’s attention. In this article, we will mention some of these exhibits from last year.

Polk Museum of Art
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 Polk Museum of Art : Popular exhibits of Last Year

 1) Jessica Lange : In mexico – In recent years, photography has developed into a unique art form. It combines human creativity with technological production. More and more photographers have displayed their skills and creation in various museums all around the world. Jessica Lange is no exception when we talk about contemporary photography. In Mexico comprised of information about her experience with the country’s culture. Looking at the pictures, people could see much more than just Mexican culture. Jessica Lange combines the skills of photography with the experience of the human mind. It won’t be wrong to say that people looking for the cheapest Florida holidays for 2013 will be able to experience Mexico as well, once they visit Polk Museum of Art.

2) Recent acquisitions – Polk Museum of Art has a permanent collection which it always keeps updated. This exhibition showcased some of the latest acquisitions by the Museum which included photographs by Ansel Adams, Andre Kertesz, Alfred Eisenstaedt.

3) Figuration – This exhibition was extremely popular. It comprised of all the pieces of the human figure. These pieces were taken from the permanent collection of the museum. Some of these have been mentioned below. This is an annual exhibition and has many sponsors.

4) Visual Unity 2 – For this exhibition, Polk Museum of Art partnered with renowned artist Rocky Bridges. Bridges served as the co-curator who worked with nineteen different artists to create this masterpiece. To be precise, nineteen artists were divided into nine teams. Each teams produced two pieces of fantastic art. Moreover, the exhibition also showcased one piece of each artist to display his skills and talent. This exhibition ensured that no matter how hard it is to produce a beautiful piece of art, teamwork always leads to success.

5) Retrospect and Restoration : Paintings by Humberto Calzada – Humberto Calzada has made his name among world renowned artists. He is an exiled artist who was born in Cuba. Humberto showcases imagery associated with history into a modern pictorial representation. His pictures depict his memories and observations of his time in Cuba.

6) Women’s views – As the name suggests, this exhibition includes works from the permanent collection which were created by women. This exhibition included works in paintings, sculpting, weaving, photography, ceramics etc. Recently, many museums came under fire for not showcasing an appropriate number of exhibitions depicting works by women. Polk Museum of Art has an entire exhibition for the same.

7) Annie Leibovitz : Women – Annie Leibovitz is one of the most renowned photographers in present times. This exhibition from Annie focussed on American women on the turn of the millenium. It depicted how life for women has changed with time and how they have left a mark on society. This exhibition included more than sixty photographs. This exhibition showcased photographs from a very broad spectrum of society.

8) Young Curators : Montessori Selects – This exhibition focussed on the works of students from Montessori middle school. About forty students were divided into teams and selected a piece of art from the permanent collection. Then they created their own pieces based on the same theme. This exhibition showed how children perceive art.

People looking for the cheapest Florida holidays for 2013 should not miss the opportunity of visiting Polk Museum of Art. It is one of the most refined and renowned Fine Arts museum in the world.

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