Pro Tips on How to Explore the Best in Broadbeach

I was new to Broadbeach and decided to take matters into my hand and explore the place to discover its hidden treasures. Trust me when I say there are many hidden treasures to unearth in this land of sun and sand. The best way to explore the area is on foot. So, I took out my comfortable walking shoes and headed out.

Broadbeach beach - Pro Tips on How to Explore the Best in Broadbeach


Spending time here is all about sunning yourself at the pristine beaches and then cooling off in the azure, warm waters. I really like that there were two areas patrolled by lifeguards and this assured me it was safe to swim. The beaches of course were crowded. What else do you expect in summer? But it was a fun and entertaining crowd. When I was not reading my favorite author or swimming, I spent my time watching other beachcombers like me. It was fun to see kids making sandcastles or dashing into the coming waves.


I am a self-proclaimed foodie! There is no way I will stay away from good food. In that regard, my trip to the Gold Coast did not disappoint me. There were roadside cafés, restaurants and eateries to suit all tastes and budgets. I found some of the best eating places on Old Burleigh Road. My favorite was Lola’s. It became my regular haunt and allowed me to mingle with the locals. I loved their muffins and Rosti Stack – caramelized onions, smoked salmon, avocado, salmon pearls and homemade hollandaise sauce topped with a poached egg. It was so good that it became my regular order!

When I wanted to get away from the crowd, I used to head to the No Name Lane located at Oracle Boulevard. It is the best place to relish a cup of freshly brewed coffee and read a book in peace. I loved the homely ambience.


There is enough here to keep you busy during your entire holiday, be it a long or short one. Pacific Fair is the place to catch with the latest Hollywood blockbusters. It has a movie complex that boasts of 12 screens that show the latest movies every single day of the week.

The best nightclub is the Conrad Jupiter’s, which also is a 24-hour casino. Be sure to head to the International Showroom of the nightclub to catch a Las Vegas-style live stage performance. I am more into ghosts, so my poison was the Dracula Theatre Restaurant, which offers ghostly comedy cabaret with spectacular visuals and great performance. I laughed throughout the show and this itself is a testimony of how funny and good it was.

My other favorite entertainment place is the Dracula’s haunted House Experience. Consisting of five levels, this place can give you the chills with its horror displays, optical illusions and special effects. It is worth the entry fee, especially if you enjoy a few screams and goose bumps!

Broadbeach shopping - Pro Tips on How to Explore the Best in Broadbeach


I am not much for retail therapy, but I knew I had to buy gifts and souvenirs for family and friends back home if I wanted to stay alive! I highly recommend Pacific Fair. You will be able to browse through the 240+ fashion and accessory stores as well as the Myer Department Store. When you get tired and want to relax your feet, there are ample food courts to rejuvenate your body for another session of shopping! Pacific Fair is also home to the Oasis Shopping Centre where you can pick up designer wear from the best designers of Queensland.

Music Festivals

The residents here have really good taste in music. Saturday was my date with the Broadbeach Mall where musicians and entertainers perform live. It attracts a huge crowd, especially since the entry is free. And, if you miss any of the great performers, you can catch them on Sunday when they go from one restaurant to another to perform.

The Blues festival too is unique. The streets change into an outdoor party venue during the Blues on Broadbeach music festival which is held every year. The best Blues performers from Australia and the world converge here to treat your ears and soul to some fabulous beats and rhythms.

So, now you know what to do and see when at Broadbeach. Also, make it a point to check out the website before you venture out. It offers fabulous details of tourist attractions to help you make the most of your Broadbeach vacation.

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