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Rarely, if ever, do people get the chance to enjoy the simplicity of countryside living whilst also being close to the coast. But this is exactly what the stunning village of Benahavis in Spain offers. Nestled in the beautiful mountains between the resorts of Marbella and Estepona, Benahavis is a wonderful location for those who enjoy the natural beauty of mountain living. And yet just 7km away lies the Mediterranean coast, meaning that visitors and residents here can truly enjoy the best of both worlds.

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The village of Benahavis itself maintains its authentic Spanish culture and roots, all quaint whitewashed village homes and narrow streets that wind and wend their way throughout. In addition, the outskirts are enjoying their own modernisation, with new building developments and urbanisations springing up.

Despite its small size, Benahavis is home to almost a fifth of all the gold courses on the Costa Del Sol – 12 in total. As a result, the area is a haven for golf enthusiasts, with many of the apartments and properties in Benahavis lining these courses and being regularly occupied by golfers who are enjoying the incredible courses offered by this resort.

With a host of beautiful restaurants, Benahavis is also a popular choice with food lovers. It is renowned as being a gourmet and culinary hotspot of the Costa Del Sol, with many people visiting the resort to enjoy the fine dining offerings. There are a whole host of food types available, though most of the restaurants serve authentic Spanish homemade cuisine, with rabbit and pork dishes the main speciality on offer. The weekends and summer months in particularly are popular for visitors to enjoy the dining that is available in Benahavis.

500 metres above sea level, the natural beauty of Benahavis and the amazing views offered are a huge draw for tourists. There is also a rich sense of history and culture, with castle ruins that provide breathtaking views from the top. In addition, the rich countryside offers a sense of natural adventure for tourists who enjoy walking in the lush green countryside, while fishing enthusiasts can enjoy a day by the River Guadalmina.

Given its relatively remote location, transport can be sparse and infrequent, although this adds to the charm of the resort. There are plenty of facilities here for tourists to enjoy, but there is a bus service twice a day that heads into nearby San Pedro for those who wish to explore a little further.

Although small in size, Benahavis has plenty of facilities including shops, banks and schools. As such, it has everything it needs to be a great location for tourists and residents. Properties including flats, town houses and luxury apartments are all available, and the stunning mountain views often mean that these are easily sold. With private or communal pools also sealing the deal, property investment in this hidden resort of Benahavis is a great opportunity.

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