Pros and Cons of Financing Your Vacation with a Payday Loan

Naturally, hardworking folks want to have a little vacation every once in a while.  Unfortunately, saving and funding a vacation is a tough trick to learn.  That leaves many feeling that the only way that they’ll ever get away is if they use loans to make it happen.  Add to that the far more difficult task of getting an unsecured loan approval these days, and some even consider using a payday loan to make their much longed for trip happen.  This is an important decision to make, and one that certainly shouldn’t be taken lightly.  You may use loans or use your tax returns for that dream vacation.  There are definite benefits and consequences to both situations.


Should You Use Loans or Your Tax Returns For Your Vacation?

There are some definite bonuses to using payday loans when it comes to going on a trip.  On that same token, there are major hurdles to leap by doing this.  Most people want to use their tax returns for home improvements, paying off bills and handling high end endeavors that are difficult to take on with a regular paycheck.  However, the question of whether you should use loans or use your tax returns for a much needed rest is one that needs heavy consideration.

What is Payday Loan?

Payday loans are short term arrangements that are quite easy and quick for most anyone with a job to acquire.  There are absolutely no credit checks, and this fact alone makes them more appealing to people who have struggled with making timely payments.  However, they also carry a rather high interest rate.  Being short term, they need to be paid off rather swiftly, as well.  If you use a payday loan to go on your vacation you’re going to have to come up with a nice chunk of change to repay that loan rather by your next payday.  This could be much easier said than done.

Pros of Using a Payday Loan for Vacation

  • Short term payday loans are quick and easy to be approved for.
  • You can typically borrow a large percentage of your next paycheck’s anticipated value.
  • Even if you can’t get an approval for a traditional unsecured loan through a bank or lending institution, you can often easily get a payday loan simply by holding down a steady job.

Cons of Using a Payday Loan for Vacation

  • Quick repayment is essential in the use of cash advances in order to keep interest and late fees at bay.
  • Using money that you don’t actually have to go on vacation can be more of a burden than it’s worth when all of the fun is over and behind you.
  • It is far easier to motivate yourself to save money before enjoying a trip than it is to motivate yourself to repay a high interest loan when the adventure has passed.  This can get you into some serious debt.

Choosing whether to use loans or use your tax returns for a vacation really boils down to whether you can afford to repay your advance on time.  At least if you use your tax returns, you will not have a glowering debt hanging over your head for the whole trip.  You could rest easy knowing that you’re honestly paying for every single bit of relaxation and fun, and you would never have to question if you can make repayment quickly.  If all of the other expensive items on your tax return list are so much more important than a vacation that you’d rather not use it, it may be your best bet to hold off on that trip altogether until you can really afford it.

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