Quick And Easy International Money Transfers

A round the world trip can be a dream come true for those who set off on one. After years of saving and careful planning, you’re finally able to pack your bags and go and see all those places you’ve been reading about and anticipating seeing one day in the future.

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However you’ve decided to travel – whether you’re living it up in 5-star accommodation all the way, or you’re at the other end of the scale with your backpack on your back – one thing you’ll need to make sure is that you have access to more cash as and when you need it.

We used to carry our travelling money with us, either in an envelope full of US dollars which were exchangeable pretty much anywhere, or with a book of travellers’ cheques, where you’d need to cash in at foreign exchange desks in different city banks or at hotels. Of course, times have changed and you can now take a currency loaded card with you and use it as a credit card or at an ATM to draw out cash. This is great if you’re going to one destination, but if you’re moving from country to country and currency to currency, it’s good to have a more flexible option.

This is where HiFX can come in really handy. Although many foreign exchange services have a high minimum amount, currency transfers from hifx.co.uk can be as low as £50, so it’s really easy to set up a payment for a week’s hotel accommodation for example. It’s best to set up a HiFX account before you set off from home, just so that you know it’s there if and when you need it. You’re under no obligation to use it, but it may come in useful at any time.

Once you’ve got an account, you can use it while on your travels as you can access your HiFX account from anywhere there’s an internet connection. And there’s a handy foreign exchange converter from hifx.co.uk so that you can check currency rates whenever you’re online.

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