Reading Room: Famous Libraries From Around the World

Libraries have existed for quite a long time. Being a location we tend to grow up in, whether we simply visit the school library, the public library in our town or city, or the one in our own home, libraries are a great place for reading and relaxing. Filled with the written word of different perspectives, genders, races, cultures, and backgrounds, all reading rooms are beautiful, but some are more well-known than others.

Library of Congress

The Library of Congress
As the largest library in the world, filled with over 32 million books and over 60 manuscripts that are open to the public, The Library of Congress is a large and important location for the history of the United State of America. Daily tours reveal the amazing architecture, tiling and stained glass details that make this library truly one of the most beautiful.

British Museum Library

Reading Room Of the British Museum
At the Center of The British Museum lies the reading room that was built in the center of what once was a courtyard in the 1850’s. In order to add more room for the books that now live there the courtyard was renovated into another room. Closed off from the public, but occasionally used for previous exhibitions, with its unique domed paper mâché ceiling and intricate details, it’s architecture is a beautiful and original sight.

Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Yale University Beinecke Rare Book Library
This is the largest building in the world that is purely focused on the preservation of manuscripts as well as rare books. Its large archive set in New Haven, Connecticut is open to the public.

Vatican Llibrary

Vatican Library
Set in Vatican City State, within the city of Rome, this research library filled with philosophy, theology, history, law, and science books. Open to the public for anyone who can say why they are qualified to be there for their personal research needs, it is a studious and professional atmosphere accompanied with numerous manuscripts as well as the oldest full copy of the Bible.

The Boston Public Library

Boston Public Library
Founded in the late 1840’s, this was the first library in America that was publicly supported. It, along with the other large libraries in America such as the New York State Library, are filled with millions of items open to the public daily.

Library of Parliament, Ottawa

Library of Parliament
A famous library in Ottawa, Canada, this library is not only a national landmark, it is also on the Canadian ten dollar bill. Its beautiful features Gentek windows from companies like Canadian Comfort and others. The building is usually closed to the public but has tours to guests that show the numerous books, periodicals, government documents, CD-ROMs and videos within it.

Melk Abbey

Library of the Benedictine Monastery
A baroque library well known for both its architecture, and many different kinds of books, this library is one of the most unique in the world. Located in Austria, it is the largest monastery library in the world.

There are many famous library rooms throughout the world. Whether they are known for the stories they hold, the history associated with them, or their architecture, they each have their own literature, the literature that connects us all despite our different cultures and locations.

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