Reasons to Go for Greek Sailing Holidays

A sailing holiday offers a great adventure and experiencing it in Greece makes it a totally unforgettable vacation. Let’s find out what makes Greece an attractive holiday destination and why sailing through the Greek waters would be a great holiday option.

Sailing Holidays

The Islands

There is simply nothing in the world quite like the Greek islands, all 3000 plus of them. Sailing through them provides great fun and enjoyment as each is unique and offers different characteristics. Each island has its own ambiance and idiosyncrasies. For instance, Samos offers an enticing sunny atmosphere; being one of the sunniest destinations in Europe. While Alonissos is all about tranquility with its fertile grounds that are ideal for walking and getting pleasure from the beauty of nature.

Sailing in Dodecanese islands is also an ideal option if you want to take home great memories of your Greek sailing holidays. Dodecanese has 12 islands, and most are scattered along the Turkish coast.  The beauty of these islands is simply beyond compare and you should take a long vacation if you want to truly enjoy exploring each one of them.

You can start your holiday by going to the Mandraki Marina to see the Colossus of Rhodes; considered as one of the Ancient World’s Seven Wonders. That alone should excite you to no end. But the city also offers great extras like the Venetian fortress that is proudly standing at the harbor entrance, the windmills located on the breakwater and the Palace of the Grand Master of Knight.

Other islands to explore include: Mykonos and Ios (the party islands); Patmos (with its idyllic monastic ambiance); and Crete (with its enchanting tiny rocks).

The People

Greece by sailing holidays is well-known for good reasons. One is that the Greek isles are popular for its magic and enchantment. Aside from the islands, another enticing factor why Greece sailing holidays are very popular is the people. The Greeks are unique; they are quite laid back compared to other Europeans and they seem to favor living simple lives despite the fact that they are considered as one of the most fascinating races.

They can be quiet, passionate, funny, full of energy and volatile, all at the same time. They can make anyone feel at home with their generosity and hospitality. Those living on small islands though are friendlier than ones who have settled in bigger and more-touristy locations.

The History

Of course, what else can attract a group of tourists to go for Greece sailing holidays than the country’s rich history. Ancient Greek history is full of magic and mystery because it was filled with mythology, which means the time when God and Goddesses rule the earth. The First Olympic is also included in Greek history and Athens (where it was held) is definitely one Greek island worth visiting.

There is simply something unique, enchanting and enticing about going on Greece sailing holidays. There is primitive thrill in travelling by water that no coach, car or plane can ever match. Nothing beats sleeping or resting on the deck under the moon and the stars. Jumping from port to port also offers a unique experience, just as exceptional as getting acquainted with different kinds of people offering hospitality and kindness.

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