Road Trip Ready: Six Must-Haves For Those Who Prefer Traveling By Car

Traveling by car as opposed to flying offers many perks, including the opportunity to see different areas of the country. You can make as many stops as you want, control the air conditioning and bring as many or as few people as you want. However, going on a road trip does entail responsibilities. Here are six must-haves to remember for your next road trip:

Road Trip

Basic Needs

While on the road, you and your companions are far from the comforts that your home provides including the basic necessities to live. Bring food that is not sensitive to changing temperatures and has a long shelf life, as well as plenty of water. Be sure to also have a supply of needed medication that anyone might need. An extra blanket is always a smart item to keep in case of emergencies.


If you aren’t the savviest of navigators, a GPS can be of tremendous help to getting from point A to point B without losing a few gallons of gas from those unnecessary and dangerous side trips. Get the latest GPS in advance so you can study and master the device. A good GPS should have updated maps and an easy-to-use interface as it can already be irritating to use it while you’re lost on the road. A regular map is also good to have on hand in case your GPS fails.

Hygiene Supplies

You never know what you’re going to encounter during the travel. Have baby wipes and cleaner ready for wiping stains, dirt and debris. You should also have trash bags to dispose food, waste and other materials used to keep your car clean.

First Aid Kit

Even if you’re careful, there is no telling what accidents and injuries await. A first aid kit can help provide immediate relief for minor injuries, at least until you get to the nearest hospital. Your first aid kit should contain alcohol swabs, band-aids, and iodine for sterilizing cuts and burns.


While the majestic views of city skyscrapers or towering mountains are enough entertainment for road trip enthusiasts, there are times when some other form of entertainment is needed. Bring some audio books, DVDs, portable gaming consoles or music. This not only helps the time pass, but it also can help keep drivers awake and keep kids from becoming to restless.

Mazda 6

The Right Car

The most important item for your trip is a vehicle. It’s best to find a car that is dependable and gets good gas mileage, like the Mazda 6 in Overland Park. If you have a large family, you will need a car with plenty of room and luggage space. You may also want to consider how well the car will do in different terrain if you plan on going off-roading. It’s important to consider factors like weather, terrain and safety when choosing your car for long distance traveling.

Road trips should be a fun time to enjoy new places and the company of friends or family. With these items, you should be prepared for any problems and travel safe.




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