Rome: an open-air museum

Rome, a region rich in history is anybody’s tour destination be it during the hot summer or the cold winter as it presents excellent attraction features. Italy’s capital is a cosmopolitan city filled with nearly three thousand years of globally influential culture art as well as architecture, from the re-known Roman Empire and the home to the Roman Catholic Church headquarters to the most exciting Vatican Museums among many other features.


The iconic Colosseum, the ancient Roman gladiatorial arena

You have probably imagined the gladiator wars; you can vividly picture how the wars were, the breathtaking shows and enthusiastic spectators cheering to the top of their breath. While visiting Rome, you get the chance to be on the pitch, feel the atmosphere creep in your veins as you travel back in time picturing yourself being among the gladiator event spectator or maybe even a gladiator, the excitement is simply incredible. The gladiator fights are not all the action Rome presents; animal fights are also impressive and breathtaking event you will enjoy.

Spreading art and architecture 

Are you a fan of art and architectural concerns? Rome is the place where you will find the most unusual structures that will leave you fully entertained and informed. Temple of Saturn, the Temple of Castor and Pollux as well as the Arch of Septimius Severus are just a few of the ancient architectural structures that will leave you amazed. Study the structures and get a closer look at history and the people of Rome. The rich in history structures will also give you a picture of the modern day Rome as you relate the structures to the modern developed ones.

Ancient Structures

One of the most iconic Rome structures is the square with elegant fountain and bars known today as the Piazza Navona. Built in 1st century AD, Piazza Navona’s site is that of the stadium of Domitian, holding rich Roman history. Other architectural and art that will take your breath as you visit Rome and some of the sites that you cannot afford to miss includes but not limited to the historic tombs and Roman church landmark known as the Pantheon, the well excavated Roman Empire heart known as the Roman Forum, Spanish steps, Palatine Hill, Galleria Borghese, Castel Sant’Angelo among much other excellent arts and architectural structures all in Rome.

World Cuisine

Study the culture of the people of Rome from their unique cuisine, all representing varying beliefs, and virtues while others carry on particular honors passing from one generation to the other generation for as long as it can be traced back. View the magical Rome at night sitting in one of the many magical restaurants as you sip your favorite drink from well-made coffee to even exclusively matured wine. The lighting at night gives Rome a new look. It is a romantic place at night, with lights illuminating unique structures along the city and streets.

Eatery - Piazza Navona

One of the most hectic challenges that tourists face be it local or international tourists is the transportation consideration. For one to successfully execute their planned tour of Rome, they have to get the best transport means from place to place so as to ensure they maximize on their visits while minimizing on time wastage. As such, as one considers taking a tour, understanding the available means of transportation is a must and a very significant consideration.

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Do not miss the most breathtaking events in Rome. Rome is the home to numerous sites that are not just entertaining but also rich in history and information that will leave you educated.

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